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Dead Until Dark
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This is the adult version of the Twilight Saga.

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This is a fun read. It's well-paced, with a couple of interesting mysteries in the background. If I'd read this before True Blood aired, I might have stuck with the series past the pilot.
My biggest problem with this book is that it’s told in first person by the character who I find most annoying. Other than that, I like the plot/world building and intend to continue reading the series. I saw all of True Blood before reading this book, which I’m sure that influences me. I’m likely going to offend a lot of people by flat out saying I like True Blood more, but that’s probably because the show isn’t from Sookie’s POV and has an ensemble cast, which I always like.

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Saw the HBO and loved it. Read the book loved it more.
Kristan Reed
Well its no Twilight but its good

Do NOT let your kids read it - turns out its very adult and I had to take it away from the teenager - but I think I was to late :(
Gingub Gravette
yay fun silly naughty vampire love

added - doing a re-read since this was honestly a skimmer book to the naughty parts while watching HBO's trueblood.

update - enjoyed much more after rereading - of course everything looks different when you have read all 7 other books - eric i'm looking at you, your cool viking facade can't fool me. and bill - i can't help but think everything you do has a double agenda behind it. oh and bubba, got to love the introduction of bubba.
un libro entretenido, que se lee rápido. Por supuesto te tiene que gustar el género romance-paranormal.
May 06, 2011 Emy rated it 4 of 5 stars
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Kellie Demarsh
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Anyushka Dhawan
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