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I had a bit of a tough time getting into this one, while damn funny (throughout) the first third of it or so really seemed to flounder. That being said you could tell it was going somewhere, i just wasn't sure where.

What really brought it together for me? One word, Hellhounds. Charlie's ordeal with the two 400 pound dogs sent to protect his daughter really hooked me and two flights laterI had ripped through the rest of the book.

- A dirty job is damn funny and there were parts where I was lau
I am feeing generous so I am giving four stars, as I really enjoyed most of the book. It's not my usual genre - I gave up books about monsters and demons and things that go bump in the night many years ago. This isn't typical Stephen King or Dean Koontz or even Anne Rice, though, and its plentiful dark humor appealed to my more offbeat side.

The book is liberally sprinkled with profanity and sexual references, but nothing outside the mainstream. I only notice it because I generally avoid it. The
This was my first time reading anything by Christopher Moore and I totally loved it. It's whacked out and crazy and totally hilarious. Charlie Asher learns that he is a Death Merchant and must collect the soul items of the recently departed within a certain timeframe or the dark forces of the underworld will rise again (sounds insane, I know, but it works-trust me.) The characters are quirky, the dialog is laugh out loud funny-it's great.
Christopher Moore is fast becoming one of my favorite humor writers--and one of my favorite over all writers.
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