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Speak deals with a mature theme - rape of a 13 year old girl by an older teenage boy. Predictable from the mention of the drunken high school party, but perhaps this is not obvious to the teenagers for whom this book was written.

The book has a didactic goal and an obvious tree motif. I applaud the goal, but find the implementation flawed. I also find it hard to believe that savvy teenagers aren't rolling there eyes over the heavy tree imagery mumbling, "I get it, I get it already."

Melinda's resp
Wow. POWERFUL. It was interesting reading this directly after The Catcher in the Rye. They have a lot of similar points, yet are vastly different. I was much more sympathetic to Melinda's character and didn't find it tedious to be in her mind listening to her thoughts as I did with Holden Caulfield. Also, Melinda actually had a reason for her actions, whereas Holden was reacting to consequences brought about by his own actions.

I also loved Melinda's sense of humor. I would never have expected t
I would never have read this book but for a reading challenge. Four stars for being (in my opinion) a great YA book. Written with humour -some bits were just hilarious examples of just how a girl that age would express herself. She covers everything from where to sit on the school bus, to describing the teachers (The Neck and Hairwoman), what's really going on inside her head during algebra, how to get out of shopping with her mother at the Mall....but underneath it is a serious problem and her ...more
This book is written from the perspective of a 9th grader that is raped at a party the summer before school. She calls the police and becomes an outcast to all, but doesn't tell anyone about the rape, but rather turns into herself and slowly stops speaking. The book her thoughts throughout the first year of high school, a mixture of everyday thoughts and the struggles to make it through high school and overcome what happened to her.
Quick YA read about a girl who is ostracized after she calls the police from a party. She begins high school as a pariah, barely speaking to anyone and keeping the secret of what happened that night that led her to call the police. The writing is good, sharp and funny in some parts, painful in others. I'd definitely read more by this author.
Amazing! I couldn't stop reading. Ms. Anderson has a new fan.
A well-done portrayal of high school and depression. I was expecting something much more disturbing and bleak. I am glad there are books out there which address these issues, and I hope that young people find these kinds of books to be encouraging, even healing. I think Melinda's story must be relatable and authentic but it's not where I am as a reader.
Ashley (angelashly)
This book was ok. It is probably more a 3.5 stars. I just didn't feel connected to the characters and I don't think that they were developed well. This is sad to say after Wintergirls.
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