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It took me so long to read this book because I was sick to death of all the hype. I couldn't make myself read it, knowing that I would have all the other reviews, comments, radio interviews, images from the movie posters, etc in my head. It would probably annoy me to look at the writing from the eyes of the writers I know who hated it...called it too simple and 'hack writing'. And really, the trivia questions here on GoodReads gave away too many spoilers. I was pissed that I knew too much about ...more
I tend to think maybe this book deserves closer to 3 stars, but I can't bring myself to say I "liked" it. Maybe three stars for clear, readable, reasonably adequate prose, but minus one star for faulty plot devices, excessively annoying characters, and beating the reader over the head with a theme.

Some thoughts on the series as a whole: Bravo Stephanie Meyer for creating a series for young people in which the hero and heroine keep their pants on until after the wedding. Seriously. The world (an
I enjoyed this book. I think of the two that I have read (#3 and 4). That it was fantastic. The plot line was addicting and I rarely put the book down. I downloaded it to my Blackberry and would read during my lunch break and every free second of my day. I look forward to seeing how the adventure continues.
Upon a first reading, this may be my favorite book of the saga. All the characters play so prominent a role and all the knowledge you gained before becomes important again. Fascinating.
Apr 17, 2009 MK rated it 4 of 5 stars
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I loved almost everything about this book, until the ending. Something about the ending left me unsatisfied. There were too many unanswered questions at the end....
Yes, you have to read this one, even if the others exasperated you. It is a very entertaining read, although the writing is cheesy and corny at times. I still can't explain the addictive nature of this series.
Splitting the difference on this one. I really liked the first half but the second half was too dragged out and the end felt anticlimactic. Glad I finished the series, it was the prefect mindless summer read.
The books are SOOOO much better than the movies.
Duaa Ali
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Laura Hucke
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