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Gina Bégin
I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I wish I could give it 3.5 stars- in fact, when I first rated it, I gave it a 4-star rating. However, I remembered that I am trying to be very strict about my generosity with star-ratings (not give everything 4 & 5 stars). I do think this is a book that most people who are interested in culture, the middle-east, education, human initiative, heroism, and/or service work will enjoy reading. It really dives into the Muslim world and culture and helped me underst...more
This is an incredible story and one that I think will deeply affect anyone who reads it. If you don’t believe that one person can make a huge difference, you need to read this book.
There are so many good things to say about this book but I’ll start with a few minor complaints.
There were sections in this book in which the writing was extremely dry. At times I felt that what should have been delivered with an Indian Jones-like intensity was written in a manner that made it uninteresting and slow....more
The story of how one man can make such a difference in individual lives and in international relations was so interesting. Mortenson's commitment to providing schools for the children of Pakistan and Afghanistan should be lauded, especially since he started with so little money and few connections. It's just a little tough to believe that Mortenson wrote this book and if he did, it seems a bit too self-congratulatory for the humble man that he's portrayed as in the story. But the book provided a...more
This book is an incredible example of what a difference one person can make in the world. Mortenson has changed thousands of lives because he followed his heart. This is his fascinating story. I felt like the pacing of the story kept me hooked in, the storyline was intriguing, and the depth of collateral information (i.e. interviews, anecdotal information, etc.) allowed the story to fully blossom. I would highly recommend this book!
Shawnee Loris
I loved the story but it was not very well written. Every page read "Mortenson said" at least three times. I think it was amazing what Greg did and his passion for education. It is too bad that while he was serving others his own family had to learn to survive with out him.

It was an inspiration to me to keep the promises I have made and that little old me has the power to make a difference.
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