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Patrick Brown
While not the surging masterpiece that Gone Girl is, Sharp Objects is still a brilliant character study. As a mystery, it's fairly flaccid, but there are so many memorable and satisfying characters here that it's well worth the read. I most enjoyed the unsettling and (I assume) very realistic portrayal of teenage sexuality and its destructive possibilities, both to the self and to others.

I also really loved reading a female protagonist who was free to fail, to flail, and to fuck up with abandon.

2.5 stars
It’s all me. The rating doesn’t reflect the skill of the author or the merits of the book. I think it was "good" and well-written but my mind went into self-preservation mode and I promptly forgot the plot after finishing the book. I had to remind myself by reading the book description. I really don’t enjoy dark depressing psychological stories that revolve around childhood abuse. I get dragged down emotionally and feel depressed afterwards.

I’m not sure I can ever eat pork again either.
What a dark and twisted book. What effed up characters. Even though I figured it out pretty early on, I still wanted to read the entire thing to se how it would end. How people can become so damaged it's fascinating to me. And man were these characters all seriously damaged. Anyway, I think I liked this one the best.
I just read all three of Gllian Flynn's this, her first written, last. And I think it was my favorite. Uncompromisingly dark and twisted, yet intriguing. I felt like I knew what was coming but didn't know it was going to get there. Very satisfying and thought-provoking, plus a quick read.
After tearing through Gone Girl I had to read more. We had this one at the library so I took it home and quickly devoured it over the weekend. I am now waiting for my copy of Dark Places to arrive and am so excited. Sharp Objects is a great, dark story about family that took me on a crazy roller coaster ride. As I said about Gone Girl, I felt manipulated throughout the entire book and loved it!
This was one of those books that got to me to the visceral level. There were moments where I felt truly sick to just read through this. The way Flynn is able to articulate the harsh and emotional response from both the antagonist as well as her mother is a hard relationship to swallow.

All around great book, but I thoroughly enjoyed Gone Girl more than Sharp Objects.
Selby Bateman
This is the first novel from Gilliam Flynn, who has been TV critic for Entertainment Weekly. It's what has to be called a riveting read. A plot that moves relentlessly, characters that ring true, and plenty of hooks that keep the reader deeply engaged. Kudos! A "dark" novel, with characters who have problems. I look forward to Gone Girl, her latest.
Flynn has a knack for writing about damaged women and the bad choices they make. And that knack just makes you keep turning the pages. Even though I figured out who the villains were (yes, there are more than one) in advance, that didn't make me enjoy the book any less. Like the title of the book, Flynn's prose is sharp and invigorating.
Jun 24, 2013 Hanako rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
Disturbing, most definitely disturbing. Nicely written and a great page turner. Worst thing about it was just that I had to keep reading...stayed up too late, invented reasons to push my kids in the stroller so I could read more... :)
Kate Birch
Sep 03, 2012 Kate Birch marked it as to-read
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