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Trent Zelazny writes dark, and that's okay with me. As a matter of fact, when I finished the last page of "Too Late to Call Texas," I sat there and wept for a good long while. And it wasn't one of those sweet, dab-your-eyes-with-a-hanky cries either. It was good, hard sobs, snot and sorrow. Still, I can honestly say I enjoyed reading every word.

Trent dredges up those rock-bottom moments in life that bring us all to our knees, then he pours emotional salt into the wounds until all a person can d
Martin Reaves
*** Macbeth Meets Tarentino ***

What? Likening this upstart’s work to Shakespeare and Tarentino? Has the reviewer lost his mind? Those are two separate questions, to which I answer: 1) Yep, and: 2) …well, yes, but not in relation to Too Late To Call Texas.

I’m not a spoiler-type reviewer, so I won’t give many details, but just let me say this: Not since Jack Bauer have so many characters been in so much danger. The body count is high, the feel-good quotient low. But this is what Zelazny seems to
Jennifer Wilson
Trent Zelazny never ceases to amaze me with the style and finesse with which he presents his stories. Too Late to Call Texas is no exception. It's quite a bit different from his other works, but still done in such a way that keeps you turning the pages.

Carson Halliday is a troubled soul and his plight doesn't really ever look up from there. "If only he hadn't found the hat. Or the dead guy. Or the steamer trunk. Or the rag doll. If only he hadn't found any of these things, everything might have
I tore through Too Late To Call Texas in a night because I had to see how it ended, and found the story ties together the poetic melancholy which I am starting to consider Trent Zelazny's hallmark and some almost Tarantino-style action. This story is exciting and gloriously bloody with a cast of perfectly realistic characters, each with their own "If only...," and a high body count. No one is safe.

I quite enjoyed this one.
Steven Harbin
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Trent Zelazny
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