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David Estes
I gotta say, this book was entertaining. Herfst does a fantastic job of getting into the head of his half-zombie main character Zed and develops him quite well. The writing is very good with only a few typos (tense changes a couple times) but nothing that a good copy editor couldn't easily fix up. Herfst is also quite witty, with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor that endears you to his characters. If you like zombies and humor and a bit of action, this book is for you.
Mindy Bolinger

The world has never seen the likes of Zed. A zombie that is much more than a brain sucking, leg dragging dead human. According to Stephen Herfst, Zed is an awesome zombie. This was a refreshing book that pulled me away from the grind of vampires and their immortal life. It gets a little sucking on the brain after a while.
Zed was created in a world that does not seem so far fetched. The Yahoo's, Government, Military and Activists are the categories in this story. Very well organized storyline tha
Martha ~Addicted to Books~
Title: Zed
Author: Stephen Herfst
Rating: 3.5/5

Summary: Zed is not your typical zombie, cursed with thought instead of being the mindless, brain chewing typical zombie. He just wants a few things – improved stride, a lightly seared pork loin, and to avoid the Activists at all costs. That’s all. Chaos soon rears its head in his life in the form of Chase, and now the “fun” begins.

Review: I’m fully ready for the Zombie apocalypse, though if the Zombies are like Zed…things might get really interesting
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Herfst succeeds in writing a hilarious and entertaining story in the zombie genre. I loved the uniqueness of using the zombie, Zed, as the narrator as he survives his new way of life and his encounters with humans, ultimately developing a friendship with a young woman, Chase. I thoroughly enjoyed the world-building Herfst describes with the di
There’s something about zombies that doesn’t necessarily call my attention. It could be that I’m a bit chicken about dead things eating living things. When the author reached out to me to read this book he was so nice about the whole thing that I had to give it a try. He gifted me a code but I didn’t use it in time. Because I promised to read/review I went ahead and purchased it. I’m really glad I did.

This story is so unique and so well put together that I couldn’t help but to be in awe. It was
Tony Bertauski
I'm not a zombie fan, but Herfst comes up with a unique spin on the genre, written in first person from the zombie's POV. Fantastic. It gives the reader the perspective of the infected. But Zed is not just any old zombie, he's developed into an intellectual one that lives an existence between humans and zombies (his brothers). And this sets up many great observations of the human condition.

Herfst does a fine job of fleshing out a world with zombies and how they are not only integrated back into
Rachael Woohoo
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Wow. Definitely a different read. My past experience with zombie books only includes Z by j, where you kill zombies mercilessly as a game and Taste by Kate Evangelista, which has numerous paranormal zombie guys that are as beautiful as gods, Zed another side of zombies as abo
Mark Smith
Right from the get-go, you can tell this book is different. I'd say any author trying to spin a work in the zombie-apocalypse genre is pretty brave, considering how the market is full to over-flowing lately. But Herfst doesn't take you down the normal "bash zombies in the head to survive" path, but instead puts you inside the head of a zombie who's got a bit more consideration for the world around him.

The book is clever and witty and imaginative and made for a good read. I would have liked to ha
Scott Collins
I'm not much of a zombie fan and I'm almost ashamed to admit I picked up this book based on its cover. Almost. Zed follows the exploits of Zed, an out of the ordinary zombie who lives a life of seclusion, trying to avoid contact with the various human groups out to capture or kill all zombies. Much to his dismay, he is forced into the company of a teenage girl. The two then set off on a wild adventure to save themselves, and in the process each other.

I loved the characters. Each had an independ
Zed is just so different from the rest of the zombies he is smart and is almost like a human, except for his color and that he can't die by getting shot unless it's on the head.

It was a total new story for me. Seeing the story through a zombies eyes and reading about his adventures ever since he met Chase was pretty fascinating and entertaining. The only thing I didn't like was that it ended but I know there will be a continuation with more adventures and the end really left me wondering what w
Midu Hadi
May 26, 2012 Midu Hadi rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: YA readers
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Cecilia Robert
First of all, Thanks you Stephen and Making Connections for giving me a chance to read this book. I've never read any Zombie books, so when I saw Stephen's book offered for review, and after reading the book summary, I signed up.

Zed. He is a zombie, loves GI boots, loves to read, can count to 13, and has upgraded his shuffle to a stride, mastered it to perfection. That's what he thinks until Chase, a fiery teen girl and also a 'zee' hunter comes along and insults his stride.

Once Chase discovers
Jennifer R  Ricketts
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I loved the interesting twist on the zombie genre this story presented and haven't laughed so hard about a zombie apocalypse since the movie Shaun of the Dead. On an interesting side note, Shaun of the Dead was on TV yesterday, and one of the characters called a zombie a "zed." I immediately thought of this book and loved it! I do want to point out that though I thought of this book,
This was a different take on zombies that was very interesting and enjoyable. Zed as a character was interesting and he made this story even more likeable. Can't wait to read more Zed books.
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Kelan O'Connell
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Yzabel Ginsberg
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