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Swan Song
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October 25, 2014
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November 25, 2014
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Swan Song October-November 2014 Read
By Lou · 13 posts · 22 views
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Wolfs Hour November read
By Lou · 7 posts · 29 views
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5 stars

Well, after decades in my queue,I finally did it, I read Swan Song, the massive classic post-apocalyptic tale from Robert McCammon. This is one incredible journey and adventure for us to share with a bunch of wonderfully realized fictional characters. McCammon does not hold back from laying blame for the destruction of the world on us, on our society, on the time periods Cold-War. He passes judgment on people, on cultures, and on countries as a whole, and taken in context, it added to the
I have read some 15 years ago The Stand by Stephen King. There are some parallels that could be drawn between that story and Swan Song. Both dealing with the collapse of civilization following an apocalyptic event (virus infection in one case, nuclear war in the second) , both set in the North American Midwest and following the struggles of scattered bands of survivors. And both books featuring supernatural beings as avatars of the forces of Good and Evil fighting for supremacy.

Stephen King migh
Trev Twinem
To say I was disappointed with this book is a great understatement! I love the writing of Robert McCammon and rate The wolf's Hour as one of the best werewolf books I have ever read (followed very closely by The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber)However this is not a review of the best werewolf novel! but rather a quick overview of Swan did I ever get to the end, but I was determined to finish and finish I did!! So we have the world destroyed by yes those pesky Russians finally pushed the bu ...more
Brilliant...just F-ing Brilliant. This novel was beautifully and honestly written, filled with compelling, complicated characters that McCammon brings together in a truly satisfying and ultimately uplifting ending. I'm only sorry that it took me so long to get around to reading this masterpiece. Wow.
Randolph Carter
A good novel that would have been a great novel if Stephen King hadn't already written it a decade earlier. Loses one star for unoriginality. Better ending than The Stand so it gains a star for that. Mega-thermonuclear disaster not realistically portrayed (McCammon should have talked to Clancy) as far as effects and survivability. A bit dated as well due to Cold War thaw. All of this took away that star that would have made it five.

I'm not sure why a writer as good as McCammon chose to fugue off
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