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The Citizens
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I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

The Citizens is a story that will grab you from the start, and keep you clinging to the pages. A wonderful dystopian setting that was fantastical, yet believable. You really felt what the characters were feeling, as well as wondering what fresh hell would arrive for them on the next page.

The characters are wonderfully described, and well fleshed out. They were real people in an un-real situation, and they handled it with a terrific
This story is amazing! I was drawn in from the beginning and had to keep reading, I couldn't figure out where the plot was going but wanted to know all the answers.

5 strangers end up "citizens" of Kolob, a secluded deserted town with a sinister and evil Mayor. The citizens are at the mercy of their captor and keep looking for ways to escape. They become friendly with one another, but can they trust each other? Will they turn against each other or find a way out together? Can they even get out?

Wanda Hartzenberg
I absolutely adore this book. At 3% in I thought, Ah, I know where this is headed; at 7% it became apparent that I had it wrong. Then later as the story progressed I formed theory after theory. I have to say, all of them were wrong. This is a reading experience that might not appeal to all. As the citizens of Kolob realises they are in for the long haul so do the reader. It is a matter of survival at first, then of forming bonds, then of staying alive. But what want to change them? Why are they ...more
The Citizens (A Jazz Nemesis Novel)
by L.M. Smith (Goodreads Author)
Synopsis from Goodreads

"Imagine a town where you can stay out as late as you want, wake up when it suits you, you never have to go to work, and everything is free for the taking. Sounds perfect right? But what if you can’t remember where you are or how you got there? What if you can’t ever leave? And what if the only other people around are hostages, just like you? Would you still want to stay?

Jasmine Marshall certainly didn’t
"The small, chubby woman had once been shy, innocent and angelic looking. Now she stood proud, sleek, and dangerous." I think that is my favorite line in the whole book. It isn't until toward the end but so worth the wait to get to it!!

This book is like a really great roller coaster you get off shrieking how fun, scary, thrilling it was and you can't wait to do it again. I would read about another set of citizen's again, or about these citizen's. There are just so many ways to go with this idea!
Wow! This book is amazing! I read the blurb about it and thought it would be a pretty interesting read... I could not put it down until I was done! There were so many great twists and turns that I never once found the story predictable and often felt like I was on a literary rollercoaster. Some of the twists made my head spin so much that I had to go back and reread the previous pages to process what was happening. I sincerely hope that book 2 is on the way! This story is ripe for a sequel.
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