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Bernard DeLeo
Church debunker Cesaria Putnam starts her third series adventure in ‘Sacrificial Magic’ nearly killed due to a new debunker trainee who freezes up facing the vicious ghosts debunkers get paid to disperse to the ‘City of Eternity’. One of Downside Kingpin Bump’s drug pipe rooms burns to the ground with the mutilated body of one of his men. Bump calls on Chess to find out if his rival Slobag employed his own ‘Church Witch’. Suspicion falls on Chess because she had an affair with Lex, Slobag’s son....more
Kat Klein
Wow. I've never loved a heroine so much that I wanted to strangle before. Chess' self destructive behavior is painful to read. Makes me just want to shake her and ask her what the hell she's doing. Does she really want to lose everything she's gained? Sabotaging the only thing that makes her happy (I don't count the drugs. They don't make her happy, they just kill the pain) is heartbreaking to see.

And Terrible. He's an amazing male protagonist. I've always liked the bad boys - but not really the...more
Traci Douglass
Okay, I'm officially addicted to this series. I admit that I had a hard time getting into it at first, but once I gave myself over to the world that Stacia has crafted, I was hooked! Great characters, great world-building and interesting story = magic! Can't wait for the next book! :D
Another fantastic installment in the series. It was hard waiting two months for this to come out.
Oh man, I forgot how emotional this one was - it's even more so in audio...
Denise Roman
I've never been so emotionally involved in book s I've read as I am with this series. I feel the roller coaster of emotions Chess goes through as if they were my own. I've also never enjoyed a romantic book, yet this one has left me all warm, and fuzzy. I LOVE how even though there are a million crazy things going on it still feels so realistic because the emotional ties and relationships are so complex and genuine.
I LOVE Stacia Kane and now vow to read anything she writes!
One word book review: Amazing!

My casting for Terrible...

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