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I look forward to this season every year because it means I get to reread SUNSHINE. This is one of my few solid seasonal reads. I revisit it every year for so many reasons. Because it originally came out in October. Because it absolutely encapsulates autumn for me. And Halloween, of course, what with all the vampires and the midnight outings and the smell of fallen leaves and cinnamon rolls in the air. And because it's just one of the biggest Angie books there is. I remember being almost apoplec ...more
Sunshine is another book I reread as part of an Old Book/New Book challenge. Sunshine came out in 2003, at the very beginning or slightly before the current craze for vampire novels. So as I reread it, I asked myself whether, if the book came out today, it would have a chance of standing out from the crowd. If I read it, not already being a McKinley fan, would it still impress me, and would I remember it as distinct from the (teeming masses of) other novels in the genre? And, having spent the la ...more
Jennifer Provost
This book weaves together the magical and the mundane so deftly it's hard to distinguish between the two. In Sunshine's world, the paranormal is so common it's normal, so when she encounter's some vampire's she's really not all that surprised. What's interesting is that the vampire's aren't described as tall, dark, handsome & fanged - they're repulsively inhuman. And yet this is also a love story, with some weirdly romantic passages. We learn that inhuman doesn't necessarily mean not a pers ...more
just re-read this one, and I liked it better the second time through. it gets so long in the middle, though. that might just be because I'm always reading it during the semester and I end up finishing it on Christmas break, but I think it kind of fades out right at the climax, the climax has too much build up and not enough happening. This one is different from McKinley's other stuff, set in a pretty much contemporary setting (although an alternate universe) her narrator is crazy informal talkin ...more
Celia Powell
Why didn't I pick up this book earlier? I really like Robin McKinley's writing, but had always avoided this when I saw it at the library because eh, vampires. There's so many truly awful books involving vampires out there that I tend to avoid them. But Sunshine is quite fabulous - inventive, set in an interesting future, and has the most wonderful descriptions of baking (Rae, the main character, works as a baker in a cafe) - quite a bit of violence as well, actually. I dearly wish there was a se ...more
Enjoyable vampire fantasy that steers away from some of the more common vampire fiction.
Overall I enjoyed "Sunshine", but what really irked me is that in the middle of some important scene in the novel the main character would go off on a tangent to explain at length some piece of info, when all I wanted was to continue the action sequence at hand. Sometimes it felt like random things were explained ad nauseam. As much as I like details about the world I'm reading, sometimes Mckinley went to the extreme. It was still an engaging story.
re-read! Still awesome.
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