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Thirteen Reasons Why is painfully beautiful, intense and raw. Such an honest, real and heartbreaking book that's full of emotion and power.

Thirteen reasons why I love Thirteen Reasons Why.

1.) Honesty.
There's no wishy-washy drama. Admitting your flaws, mistakes and not being ashamed about them. Clay's honesty with being affected and sad despite being a boy. It doesn't show the muscular, trying-hard-to-look-tough act.

2.) Intense.
Intense emotions. Intense happenings. Intense dialogues. Intense c
This is possibly one of the best books I've ever read. As you can see by the book summary its about a girl who has committed suicide that sends a bunch of tapes telling why to all the people that she feels have done something that led her to make the choice to end her life. It is told through the eyes of one of the boys who receives that tapes. I feared when I started the book that I would get bored or that the story would be slow, but it is the exact opposite. I couldn't wait for the next "reas ...more
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This book was truly impressive. I couldn't out it down but sadly, I had to every once in a while. I loved the idea and the plot. It wasn't simple but it wasn't complicated either.
13 Reasons Why gives people an insight to one kind of teenage life. It shows what some students go through and how they end up not having anyone to rely on. Even their own family.
Loved it
Rating: 5 Stars
Rated: PG-13
Suggested Age: Mature 13 year olds and older
For Fans Of: The Mailbox by Audrey Shafer, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This is a book about suicide.

So what?

It also talks about rape, sexual harassment, and underage substance abuse.

So what?

Jay Asher covers these taboo topics brilliantly. I loved this book. Go read it. Now.
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