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Ready Player One
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January 2, 2012

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I pretty much loved everything about this book. I listened to this book on audio, imagine my surprise when I realized that this was narrated by Will Wheaton (I just listened to Fuzzy Nation a couple weeks ago which was also narrated by Will Wheaton) and he again did an absolutely stellar job of narrating. This book is so fun and is really a kick to read if you were ever interested in, or part of, 80's geek culture. It also has a strong cyperpunk feel to it; so fans of cyberpunk should also consi ...more
Finally read this! And glad I did! It's a real page-turner, and loaded with all kinds of geeky references, especially for 80's music, films and video games. Fast paced and clever. Totally fun read!

My only nit to pick is a pet-peeve of mine: the author describes something as being "yellow in color." It's just plain YELLOW!! It can't be "yellow in size" or "yellow in shape" can it?!? (Sorry, I realize it's not important, but it's just really poor use of language.)
I'm not going to lie - there are issues with this book. The 80s references were fun for the most part, but also bordered on pandering. It's also very heavy on the miraculous save, has the obligatory "evil corporation" trope, and don't get me started on questionable handling of race. Another reviewer likened this book to fanfic, and I'd say that's fairly accurate. Wade is obviously the author, Art3mis is obviously his perfect nerd girl (except for her imperfection that's really not all that big a ...more
This book totally panders to geek culture, and that's just fine with me. A fun read.
Lara Amber
Required reading for any geek.
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