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The Grifters
Start date
June 1, 2012
Finish date
June 30, 2012
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For all you Petey Positives and Betty Bright sides out there peering around corners looking for humanity’s better angels, Jim Thompson is slinging a sledge hammer ready to shatter your shiny happy illusions. His message: people well and truly suck. Personally, I’m enough of a cynic regarding my fellow humans that Jimmy’s words don't choke me going down. They're like 18 year old scotch warming up my cockles.

In this “slice the vein of life” story, Jim introduces us to 3 peas in a seriously fucko...more
As a grifter, Roy learnt from the best with his mother who was a master of the long con. For Roy, the short con has been prosperous, however its not without perils as we're shown quite early on in the story. It's this incident which brings back his mother, Lilly, and kicks off a chain of events which culminates in an ending nothing short of spectacular.

In order to reinstate his deteriorating health, Lilly commissions home nurse Carol which serves as a means to demonstrate Roy's mothers need to i...more
It was well written & read, but I never wanted to listen to it because it was so depressing. Everyone sucked & I couldn't find a character to connect to, to root for. Something bad would happen to one of them & my mind just said, "OK, now wander off & die, jerk." They didn't. They kept hanging around being miserable, living for no other reason than dying would have put me out of their misery, so I stopped about 2/3 of the way through. Haven't missed it & don't wonder what hap...more
My third Thompson and the perfect palate-cleanser after Joseph McElroy’s brilliant but exhausting Lookout Cartridge. Two clear highlights for me: the chapter recounting Moira and Cole’s life together, by far the greatest stretch of writing I have yet to encounter from JT, and the run-in Roy has with Bert the bartender, a beautiful summation of Thompson’s anguished pessimism. James Gray needs to direct a film update. With Eva Green.
great book, bit short but, it fair whipped along to the shocking ending.
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