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♥ Miss Dominus ♥
I don't care if MANY of you don't like Twilight, but anyway, I'll just say my opinion/ review.

I liked the book so much and I got really addicted to it. Like a drug.
Edward is beautiful (on the book) and really something like a handsome, gorgeous cool fellow. I thought: "What the hell is his problem with Bella?"

Bella is someone like ME. Hates sport, silent, likes jeans, shirts and sneakers but.... I DON'T HAVE A VAMPIRE AS BOYFRIEND. :PP

MY OPINION on Rosalie is that... SHE'S A BITCH. I mean, wha
Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood
for most people say that it starts off really slow an it does. i almost gave up on it. it was so slow. but once you get going its good.
Sophia Tallon
Yup. Sorry Twi-vamp lovers. I didn't like it. Trust me. Read The Vampire Diaries that came out before these books. They are waaaaay better! And there are subtle similarities in this series that happened in The Vampire Diaries. And the guys in The Vampire Diaries sound a lot hotter than Edward over here people. I'm just saying.
Luna Melissa
I think Everyone IN THe World Loveess This Book !!! The Best Of All Vampire Books! Team Edward <3!