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I absolutly loved this book I'm on Catching Fire right now and it is amazing. I'm also excited for the mo…more

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Sadest moment in THG?
By Jess , If Chaos Walking and Adventure Time had a love child it'd be me · 435 posts · 588 views
last updated Jul 23, 2014 12:04PM
Your favorite THG book.
By Emma · 30 posts · 82 views
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I will admit that this book started out kinda slow, but it really picked up around 25% of the way. There were many times when I was screaming at Katniss for her decisions and even more when major plot points would happen. I rarely get that upset at a book, so I knew it was one that I really enjoyed.

I, also, think that Suzanne Collins gets the aware for BEST CLIFFHANGER WRITER EVER. When this book eneded, I checked to make sure it was the end of the book because I couldn't believe she would end...more
I loved this book it is amazing i love the author Suzanne Collins when sh e writes a book you are imagining it in your head i love this book i am gonna read the series please read this book i know you will love it!!
I have to be honest, after reading the books non stop for 4 days. Though, for me it was a bit addictive. I in no way cared for the main basis of the book. After reading some reviews, I realize that my original feeling on it was probably exact. While I enjoyed trying to find out what was next, in the end the premise of the book was a bit weird. Can we truly subject our youth to the violence? While, I realize it is fiction - I can not condone its meaning of what the book is based around. It was a...more
I have been waiting to read this book ever since I saw the movie a few months ago. This book didn't really disappoint me at all. It was different then most books I have read but still very interesting and kept me wanting to read the next book in the series. Katniss is unsure of many things but she knows she must survive as long as she can (if not win) the Hunger Games to try to make it home to District 12 for her family who is waiting.. What she doesn't expect is to have feelings for the other t...more
The idea of The Hunger Games was do revolting that I couldn't imagine reading it. But thanks to the urging of several friends who I knew had good literary taste, I decided to jump in. The games are indeed revolting, but the quality of Katniss and Peeta, make up for it.
love it >< there are suspense and humour and everything goes so well~
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Kaitlyn and I are going to write a review for this shortly, so stay tuned!
This was such a good book i dont know how they are going to make the next ones as good but i have heard good things
This book is even better the second time!!! :-)
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