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If I had to give you my favorite read of all time it would be Susan Minot's book-EVENING. Why? What can I tell you? I read it on a Carribean cruise 12 years ago when and it just affected me so deeply. The story of Ann Grant at different parts of her life. How it was told purely in flashback. How the beginning of the novel still feels like a bit of a mystery to me, how this Ann never quite recovered from that one weekend in her life, yet she lived this enormous life. I think at the time I read th...more
My favorite book of all time.
Or at least my favorite book of right now.

AND DON'T SEE THE MOVIE. It is NOT the same story (how does that even happen???) and besides that, the movie is just silly.
I went through a dry spell, so many books, plenty were good, but none were great. This book broke the dry spell and I will always be grateful.