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Tom Merritt
I'll be honest I didn't think I was going to like this book much when I first started reading it. The descriptions of Devin and his singing group left me uninspired. I felt like I was looking at yet another fantasy world of magic and towers and bards and despots without much new.

Then the hunting lodge. And it all turned.

The themes of identity and country and suppression played on many things I've studied or thought about and I loved the depth in which Kay treated them within his otherwise famil
Jennifer Provost
This book is the rarest of gems - it's lauded as a classic, and for once the reviews are spot on.

A sorcerer-king declared war upon Tigana, and his son was slain in battle. Enraged and grieving for his son, the king erased Tigana from the world. No one who wasn't born in Tigana knew that the land ever existed; they couldn't even understand the name if spoken aloud. Those native to Tigana - renamed Lower Corte - became homeless in the truest sense of the word.

Nineteen years later an odd assorment
A complex stand-alone fantasy novel set in a fictional country based on Renaissance Italy. Not just swords and sorcery, but an exploration on the concept of historical memory. Only downside was the number of characters to keep track of. Nonetheless, there are chapters in here that have more life and originality in them than some fantasy and SF trilogies.
Celia Powell
I adored this book when I first read it, in my early twenties - I still enjoy it on re-reading, but am not sure whether that's on its own merits, or due to my past fondness. Past fondness is at least part of it, I think. Tigana is just so overly dramatic - everyone is so honourable and determined and tragic, so much tragedy. "Oh Tigana," vows one of our main characters, speaking of his lost homeland, "Let my memory of you be a blade in my soul." Later on, he tells a woman she is the harbour of h ...more
Enjoyable, thought-provoking read with incredible characters that are perfectly nuanced, complicated, and human. Well, some of them are. I can't say that Baerd or Alberico did much for me in terms of character development, but the choices and journeys that Dianora, Alessan, and Sandre (among others) undergo really kept me riveted to this story, not to mention Kay's extremely well-written and literary prose.

Nonetheless, Tigana left me feeling like something was missing in the end. I think the epi
May 11, 2012 Eric rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: All fantasy fans
Shelves: fantasy, audiobooks
There has long been a backlash on the internet for people's tendency to overuse the term "epic." Well, despite that, the only adjective appropriate to describe Tigana is epic. It is epic fantasy of the highest order. The writing is poetic, the characters are deep, the plot is complex, and the stakes are high -- without being mired in most of the "evil plan" tropes that most heroic fantasy suffers from.

It is one of the greatest fantasy stories ever told, and I couldn't recommend it more highly.
The ambiguity of good and evil was very challenging. Made it difficult to really like anyone, although the main female protagonists seemed the most developed and admirable. Could have done without the conflation of female bravery and self-sacrifice, though. Can't we just, like, chop people in half with big axes sometimes?

Anyway, reading the author's afterward was really important to me fulling understanding the themes of the book, so I don't recommend skipping over it.
This book is very powerful. I really enjoyed the world that was created, the characters, and the writing.
Jul 09, 2012 jennifer marked it as perpetuallist  ·  review of another edition
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