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Well So far this book is truly amazing but is hard to follow if you don't like books with lots of characters. It's about two sibling, Carter and Sadie who are completely different and don't always get along. Sadie lives in England with their grandparents while Carter lives with their dad and travels around the world. When Sadie comes to visit for Christmas, there is a lot of confusion. They meet so many people and most of the time, they don't realize their friends are Egyptian gods. When their d...more
This book was very exciting and the ending didn't let me down. I enjoyed getting to know the characters...the author kept me on the edge of my seat wondering how things would work out. I couldn't have predicted the ending....well, maybe parts of it...but not the whole thing.
I will definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves history as a setting and love fast paced action/adventure. It would help if you knew about the Egyptian gods before you read the book. But reading the book gives a per...more
So far to me it is another fantastic sience ficton book writen by Rick Riordan.
This book was the perfect balance of mythology, comedy and fantasy. I really enjoyed it!
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