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In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
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Erik Larson is an excellent author.On Sale 5/10/11

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A completely riveting book, dealing mostly with one pivotal year, 1933, during the last few ticks of the clock before Hitler seized total power in Germany. Larson parses every faction of the Nazi Party; every evil personality, every evil viewpoint, every indefensible position, in clear, breathlessly thrilling prose.

Roosevelt selects a new Ambassador to Germany, William E. Dodd. As he later finds out, he's not the President's first choice, or his second, or his third. No one wants the job, recogn
In the Garden of Beasts describes the changes in Germany in the early 1930’s after Hitler came to power, through the eyes of the Dodd family, all four of whom traveled together to Berlin in 1933.

William Dodd had been appointed German Ambassador in 1933 by President Roosevelt after four others had turned down the position. Ambassador Dodd, who rose to prominence by virtue of his academic achievements rather than wealth or position, retained his poverty-mindset as an adult and moreover was rather
Although this book dragged in places, I think I liked it enough to give it four stars.

Narrative non-fiction is a good genre for people like me who feel they should be expanding their brains by reading non-fiction but can't give up fiction because they are suckers for a good story. A good narrative non-fiction book is the best of both worlds -- it offers plot and characterization, while at the same time being real and expanding your knowledge about real things. Erik Larson is a good bet for peopl
I found this to be an extremely interesting account from a different perspective. I've read a lot of Holocaust literature but this was a fascinating departure. The book is well-written and a true page turner.
Fast reading....(excellent!)
I rate it 3.5.
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