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June 15, 2012
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July 15, 2012
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What Members Thought

Samuel Proulx
This book was my introduction to pern. Honestly, it didn't do that good of a job; I doubt I will ever be back. The story wasn't captivating, the characters[return]were poorly developed, the dragons were developed even less, and the whole thing couldn't decide what sort of atmosphere it wanted to settle on. I'm guessing[return]the author intended the dragons to be wonderful and loyal companions, but for me they held a near constant air of vaguely creepy mind-controlling symbiosis.[return]Needless...more
Victoria (vikz writes)
A well written engaging story. I loved it but there's nothing much else to say.
My first McCaffrey book - very enjoyable overall - I think the "time travel" aspect was a disappointment for me - doing time travel well is difficult. I ended book feeling that the time travel negated alot of what happened previously in the book - but the characters were good and the story kept me reading.
Sep 29, 2013 starfleetbrat marked it as to-read-library
Dec 06, 2010 Stephen marked it as to-read
C.S. Houghton
Aug 19, 2013 C.S. Houghton marked it as to-read
Apr 11, 2009 Christian marked it as sci-fi
Jeffrey Vincent
Aug 23, 2013 Jeffrey Vincent marked it as to-read
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