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Kathleen L. Maher
OH, MY! This was hands-down the best book I've read in a while. Deborah Kinnard has made me an instant fan of Medieval romance. The element of time travel would not have been my first choice of story material, to be honest. And the cover was not the thing that caught my attention. For me, this was a book that sneaked up on me and seized my heart almost against my willful skepticism and doubt. And it accomplished this through the following specific ways.

First of all, Kinnard's masterful writing s...more
This Medieval tale of love is rich with historical detail and lyrical prose. The characters, setting, language, culture, and the pure simplicity of it all creates an escape for the reader that is so fantastic it is hard to pull one's mind back to the present. And the romance was awesome. Too bad it's not real life. Michael was so heroic and yummy I couldn't get enough of him.

Full of passion and emotion, Seasons in the Mist takes historical fiction lovers on an emotional ride they won't soon for...more
Angela Breidenbach
I love this book. I've read it in between everything else of my work day and travel time the last couple of days. I did have a little struggle with some of the Middle English, but the plot and characters kept me riveted. The struggle for Bethany to choose her place in the world and her faith was deep and touching. Just loved taking the journey with her to the 14th century. I'm grateful for the foresight the publisher and author had in adding the glossary to the back. I used it a few times and it...more
Margaret Metz
I have been buried in cardboard boxes and have hardly come up for air. When I started reading this book, I didn't stop until nearly 300 pages were done (and that was an emergency). I promptly returned and finished the rest. Some would say I inhaled it. lol This has all the elements you want in a good romance.

The main character is wonderful. She has a spunk and a vulnerability at the same time. Her strength helps those around her and keep her sane and alive in a very alien environment. Let's fac...more
Tammy Doherty
SEASONS IN THE MIST hooked me from the start. I love medieval stuff, especially in relation to Celtic culture. Throw in time travel and it’s a done deal!

Bethany Lindstrom is a thoroughly likable character. It’s easy to connect with her as she sets out on a quest to complete her PhD and embark on a successful career as an historian. Working so hard at this goal has cost her any hope at a love life, which she doesn’t even realize until going through the time portal. From the first interaction with...more