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The 13th Hour
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Reader's Choice July-October 2010

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Brilliant suspense, but a bit corny. The author is obviously very talented with plot and action sequences, but he's clumsy in the details and shallow in the relationships. His frequent use of cliches and trite desciptions continually kicked me out of the story. But I kept picking it up again because the suspense was so good. If it had had a better editor, I'm sure I would have given it 5 stars. However, if you are not as senstive as I am to writing style (I'm assuming that's 99% of the planet) a ...more
Jan 23, 2013 Nancy rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Nancy by: Cheryl
Fascinating story and interesting idea of telling it in reverse as Nick travels back in time one additional hour every hour for 12 hours. (That sequence of words just sounds weird....) I liked the characters and I thought the author did a great job at keeping things straight and not getting too caught up in the complexities of time travel. The author also maintained a good sense of suspense throughout.

Why only 3 stars? Too much profanity. I read a fair amount and I read books that contain profan
Despite a couple lapses in the plot details, I thoroughly enjoyed this unique time-travel thriller! The book starts with Chapter 12, as the protagonist is given the opportunity to go back through time - one hour at a time - to prevent the murder of his wife. By the 13th hour - Chapter 13 - it will be too late!

I've posted additional thoughts on my book blog.
Okay, this book was pretty suspenseful. (I only put it down to read Mockingjay!) The characters were well developed. The story made sense (I was a little worried as it started with chapter 12 and went backwards). The story line was well thought out. I highly recommend this book!!!
I loved the unusual concept of going back in time hour by hour--Nick has to figure out how to save his wife by reliving the previous hours before her brutal murder.
What are the consequences of time travel? Can you follow a story that is told backwards? A great concept for a book and a fun read. Not literary but engaging.
When a man's wife is killed, he is able to go back in time one hour at a time. It was an interesting read.
Robyn Bave
Can you say wild paradox? I did figure out a couple plot twists. It was very good.
Britt, Book Habitue
Starting with chapter 12, this book takes you backwards through time as Nick tries desperately to save his wife.
Such an interesting way of doing it-- starting near the end and heading back through the story.
Really enjoyed it. Wondering if there will be a sequel? There doesn't have to be, but there could be...
Great book
This book was a little annoying, but you had to see it through to the end.
This book grabbed me from the beginning and didn't let go! The story takes an interesting approach by starting at the end of the story and going back one hour each chapter to solve the crime/mystery by the end of the book. Recommended!
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