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Hostage to Pleasure
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May 1, 2012
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May 31, 2012
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Part of our group series re-read in prep for the 2012 release of "Tangle of Need". See "Re-read the Psy-C…more

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What Members Thought

Surprisingly i like this book 5 from Psy-Changeling series.

Initially i was a bit bored with it because i read them in a row and it all started to look similar.
But this story kind of give a refreshment in the series.

It is still pairing between DarkLeopard sentinel and Psy. Dorian is a latent Leopard, it means that he cannot shift to his leopard form. To compensate that he becomes an overachiever and finally a sentinel. While Ashaya Ailen is an M-Psy that heads the Protocol I research with 9.9...more
So, so dramatic!

For a long time I couldn't really get into it. The writing's kind of pompous at times, or maybe it just wasn't the right time for it, but as it went along, I found myself enjoying the complexity of the world the story's set in.

As with the previous books, the romance may be overly dramatic, but the world and the abilities of the characters more than make up for it.

Dorian's the latent leopard we've met in previous books. Ashaya is the Psy scientist that helped save a couple of chil...more
What can I say about this book? I was totally enthralled and could not put it down. I even liked the little captioning with email,journal entries and letters. I was so happy for the HEA in this story. (view spoiler) There was a lot going on this book though it was centered around Ashaya. I did think that there would have been more of...more
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