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Absolutely Brilliant
I loved it but I have one complaint........
1.) It is way to short. I love it, I wish there was more.
Young whovians will adore this.
The part about the hair colours were kind of confusing, but then again when has the docter ever not be confusing?
Enjoy the book!
Gareth Jones (who had previously written great bits for Doctor Who merchandise and other BBC television programs) has captured the 10th Doctor and Rose, as well as the relationship between them and the Dalek race (and of course the human race) perfectly!

The story starts off as it often does, by the TARDIS „mislanding“ someplace. Instead of the surface of the moon Rose and the Doctor find themselves on an English Island. As these things go, Rose is struggling to help a „almost-run-over-by-a-car“
Say Lee
A quick read, just as promised.
The author manages to capture The Doctor's and Rose's personalities very well.
The story, though not very descriptive, makes you feel like you're watching an episode from season 2.
I would've loved to read more about Kate and how she acquired the Dalek Factor, but its quite reasonable for a book that's a little more than 100 pages in length.
A definite read for Doctor Who fans.. both young and old alike.
I needed a quick read last night. So I picked up this Doctor Who quick read and had a nice fun adventure with a dead Dalek that comes back in an unexpected way.
Martin Lemos
daleks are cool. i enjoyed this short story. very quick read not boring. fans of the series should enjoy this
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