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Robin McKinley created a unique and interesting post-apocalyptic world after the fallout from the paranormal others making themselves known to humans. This story is about Sunshine's coming of age and how she learns how to handle her "other" self and powers. Sunshine partners with Con, a dark and mysterious vampire.

Con was the only part of the book I enjoyed and he really only makes a few appearances in the book.

I was not a fan of McKinley's writing style. It is written in first-person and most
Im almost done with this book and still don't know what its about. It starts off ok but its a really detailed hard read and never really gets anywhere. The cover is beautiful and that is what drew me to it, book but its one of the most boring vampire books I've ever read.
Okay I loved the over so much and wanted to know what kind of story you can build around a woman chained to wall. And it just got better from there.
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