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Catching Fire
Start date
May 19, 2012
Finish date
May 25, 2012
Why we're reading this
It is very well written and I really liked it. A must read!!

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What Members Thought

This was better than the first one.

Going back to the arena, Katniss didn't expect that.
With the past victors of the other Hunger Games, they fight to death to stay alive but there wont be two winners...

My favorite new characters in this book is...
only him *cough* sorry no others. ^__^

But my favorite parts where-

When Katniss revealed her wickedly awesome skill with a bow and arrow, while all the other tributes are watching with gaped mouths, and awed faces!
LOVE LOVE LOVE thi...more
Redwallcrazy- My God is Healer, Awesome in Power!
This was a fascinating book that i really enjoyed. I couldn't put it down! Nicely done, i will definately be reading the third book!
Eleanor Is Bad At This
Great!!! Suzanne Collins' sequel is almost as good as the first! Four stars.
Hoping that this book is as good as the last one.
Really good
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