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Aug 13, 2014 Shawna rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Paranormal romance fans and wicked bad boy demon lovers
Shelves: pnr-angeldemon-fae-magic-witch-misc, author-larissa-ione, favorites, i-read-own-faves-keepers, pnr-vampires, pnr-weres-cats-wolves-shifters, 2009-reads, hero-im-gaga-over, badasses-hunks-in-leather, hero-abused-scarred-tortured-angst, hero-bad-boy-playboy-player, hero-antihero-gamma, best-top-favorites, favorite-romance-series, im-a-cover-hottie-ho, why-do-good-girls-like-bad-boys, heroine-naïve-virgin-like-a-virgin, series-demonica-lords-deliverance, favorite-romance-couple-hh-pairings, tattoos-piercings-body-art, enemies-to-lovers-opposites-attract, brothers-sisters-cousins-family, satisfying-secondary-romance, exotic-wild-settings-survivor-lovin, apocalypse-postapocalyptic-dystopia, hh-warrior, 5-stars-plus, archaeology-antiquities-scholar, action-adventure-treasure-hunting, pnr-paranormal-romance, best-snarkasm-humor, a-all-time-favorite-hero, a-all-time-best-top-fave-dik-reads, hero-tattalizing, hero-black-sheep, hero-bad-guy-ruthless-villainous, heroine-good-girl-nice, hero-affable-lovable-rogue, hero-reformed-rake-player, hero-uber-tortured-zsadist-esque, hero-player-manwhore-sex-addict, hero-flirt-charmer-ladies-man, heroine-miss-independent, heroine-plucky-lively-feisty-spunky, heroine-kickass-spirited-strong, heroine-tomboy-lady-in-pants, best-wittiest-banter-dialogue, hero-alpha, hero-attractive-handsome-heartthrob, hero-stud-mantel-hall-of-fame, hero-walking-hardon, hero-cold-cruelbrute-dark-dangerous, hero-dark-scary-cool-dangerous-dude, hero-cocky-conceited-arrogant-ego
5+ stars – Paranormal Romance

Reading Passion Unleashed, I found myself once again transported to Ione’s sinfully decadent, wickedly dark, and utterly imaginative world of the Demonica with its diverse demon species, fallen angels, vampires, weres/wargs, werebeasts, shifters, slayers, humans, and half-breeds fighting for coexistence and peace. I’m continually blown away by Ione’s brilliance and creativity as a writer and the series just keeps getting better and better. Ione's writing is fresh, in
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
This is one of those reviews where I have to admit I'm wrong. I didn't like Wraith at all before I read this book. I thought my feelings would be unlikely to change, even though I love this series, and Larissa Ione's writing. Well, I was dead wrong. There. I said it. I ended up loving Wraith. And I have no regrets.

Wraith is one of those heroes who snuck up on me. I think it was the sign of the high caliber of Ms. Ione's writing. Wraith is very in-your-face with his often unlikeable, selfish natu
Special talents like finding artifacts had kept Wraith involved in his brothers live and their hospital, but when he discovered he was dying, he knew he could give it all up for them. The discovery of a cure though, led him to an archeologist (Serena Kelley) with a secret of her own. Oh yeah, she could cure him by giving him her special gift (which happened to be her virginity) but she was in danger of dying from it too.

Book 3 ….. Gotta love the tortured bad boy who sees his solution only to st
Mary E.
The best one so far! How's this for a conundrum? Our heroine is celibate (her charmed life is literally dependent on her continued virginity), and has a vampire fetish; and our hero is an incubus-slash-vampire (who hates his vampire side due to childhood trauma, and slays other vamps for fun), and must feed and have sex every day or he slowly dies. Talk about deliciously delayed gratification and prolonged sexual tension! I think that is why I preferred this installment over the first two; they ...more
A lot going on in this book. Good story, not sure if I will read the series or if this is it.
My fav so far in this series =)
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