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What Members Thought

I loved this book! The author has an ear for dialect and she took the risk of using it abundantly. I liked the characters and their interactions--and loved the humor in some conversations and situations. I think the author succeeded brilliantly. The people I've heard complain about how the race issues were handled are people who haven't read the book.
Mary Timbes
This book did not move me as it did so many of my Southern contemporaries. I recall the early Civil Rights era vividly, but did not see it as a simple, black-and-white comedy. Being young, female and white and observing the plight of the segregated Negroes, while the "grownups" fought so blindly to preserve the status quo and not do the clearly right thing was painful and confusing. It is not a time I care to revisit. I found the patronizing tone of this novel, and the forced dialect inside the ...more
I reluctantly picked up what looked like a chic-flick book, but quickly became swept away in what turns out to be a totally engrossing story set in the Civil Rights era. It's written so well it had me laughing out loud with its clever imagery and sassy one-liners by the book's cast of 3 narrators. All narrators have distinctive voices, dialects even, perfectly represented in the writing. Not only an enjoyable read but an important one.
Ms. Stockett wrote a wonderful book. All the characters in the book seemed so real to me and I can believe so much of what happened in the South in the 60's as I grew up in that era.

This book is set in Mississippi, 1962, where three very different women refuse to be trapped by race or gender. They start a project that will change the lives of many and change their town.

Hopefully, you will read this book and enjoy it as much as I did.
A wonderful book about a very different world than we live in today. You won't be disappointed with this book.
I've heard this is a good book, Nate stayed up til 3am the other night reading it so I assume it is good. Has anyone read it? If so what did you think?

While reading this book I was a little angry, but overall I liked it.
Jim Klus-Salisbury
Graet book - movie sucked, but that's always the way it goes, right?
I think this is a book everyone should read. Well written and shows a small piece of history that is too often overlooked.
Loved this book.
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