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Dan Schwent
Theatre owner and part-time hood Alan Grofield goes to Las Vegas for job. Once he figures out the guy running things is crazy and the job is a long shot at best, he backs out, along with another crook, Dan Leach. Only Myer, the guy running things, is crazy. He ambushes Grofield and Leach, then makes off with Leach's winnings from the casino. From there, Grofield goes back home and Leach goes after Myer. When Leach turns up at Grofield's theatre with multiple knife wounds, things get messy...

This book gave me so much pleasure. As a long-time fan of Richard Stark's Parker novels, I remember Alan Grofield as one of the thieves that Parker would call upon for a job. Grofield was my favorite of the bunch (still remember the scene where he'd hum his own theme music while doing a caper), and he must have been one of Stark/Westlake's too. Lemons Never Lie starts slow but is a masterfully understated crime novel. It's got the caper gone wrong, a psycho killer, and an ordinary man (sort of) ...more
Just the right mix of interesting protagonist, intricate crimes, and revenge make this one of the better crime novels I've read in a little while. The main character surprises you a little by being such a nice, human character, who just happens to be a criminal to pay the bills but is not particularly hardened to the life. Many of the career criminals we see as characters here have families and real lives, completely unlike many of the characters in more traditional crime stories.
The weaving tog
The best Grofield novel earns its status as the best Grofield novel by being the Grofield novel that is most like a Parker novel: The Sour Grofield Score with minimal opportunities for Actor Alan to play the wiseass.

First reading: circa 2007
Second reading: 2 October 2011
Rob at-52-Novels
"the cryptic little title of this grabbed my interest from the gitgo: lemons never lie. i don't like flipping through a book before i actually sit down to read it so the title tauted me until i began.
Elijah Spector
Marketed as a kind of spinoff of the Parker series (really he's only mentioned once) this is a weaker Stark (or Westlake) offering. Fun while it lasted, but pretty forgettable.
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Jon Vishio
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