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The Guardian
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April 1, 2015
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May 1, 2015
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The next installment in the Dark Hunter series for DH BOTM

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What Members Thought

I really enjoyed this story! It reminded me of the earlier Dark-Hunter books. It had most of the elements in it that hooked me to this series. A tortured (literally) hero and a kick-ass female willing to do anything for her man.

There were a few spots that had me saying -- yeah, right -- but for the most part this was a great story. The Dream-Hunter branch of the series is usually not my favorite, but I really enjoyed this one. I love Solin (and can't wait for HIS book). There was a bit more reve
I loved loved loved this book until the last few pages. The ending was rushed and really felt like I was missing some pages leading up to this abrupt ending. I kind of felt cheated but overall I loved this book.
Oh my ... I forgot how much I love Seth!
Good lord SK can torture a man! But I loved it.
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