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This book was a perfect example of needing to read something at the right time. I have tried reading it 3 or 4 times previously and the soporific effects reached near Austen-like levels for me. But I picked it back up on a whim tonight and could not put it down!

In this novel, supernatural creatures (most notably werewolves and vampires) exist openly in society and are, more or less, accepted. Alexia is a preternatural, which here means she has no soul and her mere touch can bring the supernatur
Liz (Consumed by Books)
I love it when paranormal novels don’t take themselves too seriously. Soulless is full of vampires and soulless creatures like Alexia, but the plot surrounding them was never melodramatic. Carriger did a nice job of developing her world. If you’re looking for full-on steampunk, I will say this may not be the right book for you. The steampunk elements that are in the book are nicely placed, however, there aren’t a lot of them.

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This book was a big disappointment, especially the Alexia-Lord Maccon relationship. Alexia and Lord Maccon already have a long history by the time Soulless begins, so I always felt like something was missing. He's always pissed off at her, she'd always be trying to butt in. Both were starting to become sexually attracted to each other. But neither of them feel real enough for me to believe in their relationship, much less them.
I felt like the author just skipped the the build up to sexual tensi
It was just okay. I felt like the author was looking for every opportunity to dabble in love scenes. The main character, Alexia, was just a little bit too unlike her times and I found her unbelievable, especially the scene in the jail cell where she figures if she can't see what she's trying to get a glimpse of, hey, might as well grab it, and other such things. Was this steampunk or a trashy romance? It can't seem to decide and it left me feeling cheated on the steampunk side and repulsed on th ...more
a delightfully fun comedy of manners that happens to be about a woman immune to the supernatural powers of the vampires and werewolves in queen victoria's employ. if you think comments like "the vampire howled in pain and the sat back upon the treacle tart," are charmingly hilarious, this book is highly recommended. sweet and funny without being obnoxiously twee or precious; in other words, a rather more saucy Austen sensibility will do you well here.
Dec 31, 2010 Virginia rated it 4 of 5 stars
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I liked this romance a lot - fantasy steampunk, set in a victorian comedy of manners. Loved that. I hope the sequels live up to it.
mark monday
cute. not the most amazing writing in the world, but inoffensive. a good book for the park on a sunday.
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