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This is my first and, most likely, last experience of the writing of Joanna Russ.

This is not so much science fiction that explores themes of gender but rather a feminist tract with occasional use of SF tropes. Large parts of the narrative form an undisguised polemic railing against the condition of women in society and the way that this condition is maintained by men.

The plot, such as it is, involves four different versions of the same woman but from different parellel planes of existence comin
Pete Young
Some may have been thinking this inclusion on the SF Masterworks list is well overdue, and they’re probably right. Russ plays a part in her own novel (her most famous) about alternates of herself that may exist out there in the multiverse, with the broad differences between them being defined along the lines of their degrees of emancipation. By including herself in her novel even though she largely takes a back seat, this seemed to be the most honest way Russ could explore the subject of women’s ...more
This was very enjoyable even though I didn't understand most of it. Definitely needs rereading. (I found it helpful to draw a character chart of the 4 Js, it can get a little confusing.)

Ostensibly about 4 versions of the same woman meeting across dimensions, it is largely composed of various considerations on gender/sexuality. Some were beautiful, insteresting and/or considered. Others eluded me.

I recall reading an analysis of this book (perhaps in Zeroes and Ones), which elaborated on the 4fol
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