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But is It Art?: An Introduction to Art Theory
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April 1, 2011
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May 1, 2011
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Linda Harkins
Mar 22, 2011 Linda Harkins rated it liked it
Our local library didn't have a copy. It's not available for my nook. The local B & N had one paperback that cost me a total of 55 cents after my educator's discount and the amount remaining on a gift card! It didn't take long to read. Freeland references Dewey and bases her theory on his work. I would say this is more philosophical than theoretical and definitely thought provoking.
Ed Smiley
Apr 12, 2011 Ed Smiley rated it liked it
I'd recommend it for people who want to have their mind challenged, but not too challenged, to think about what art is.

Sort of goes over some fairly familiar territory if you have thought about it a lot.They may find this irritating.

In either event it is compact and accessible.
Linda S.
Apr 17, 2011 Linda S. rated it liked it
Interesting, basic introduction to art theory and discussion of modern art. I'd recommend skipping the introduction--that was very dry and took me a while to get through even though it was short. The book is only a couple hundred pages so it doesn't deal with anything in depth but it is pretty interesting.
Elizabeth Schlatter
Jun 20, 2012 Elizabeth Schlatter rated it liked it
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Not to sound too obnoxious, but this book is so introductory that I couldn't finish it. I'm no art world intellectual, but I'm part of that world. And anyone who is might find this book a tad dull and unable to provide new insight. It's not the book's fault--it's just written for a certain reader who is new to art history and theory.
Sharon R.
Sep 09, 2014 Sharon R. rated it liked it
I would give it 3 1/2 if possible. It was a good intro or overview, but very thinly spread. I understand a little bit more about art theory and criticism, but I'm still looking for more depth on good art vs. bad art, examples, critiques, etc. I would recommend this for anyone just starting out with understanding art theory.
May 06, 2011 Caryl rated it liked it
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Enjoyed the book and its attempt to decifer what "Art" is. It relates to different philosophical and theoretical approaches. It was thought provoking and worth reading. It was short and clearly an introduction.
Dottie Suggs
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Kevin Ashby
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Edy Gies
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Zsa Zsa
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Jo Verbena
Jul 02, 2011 Jo Verbena rated it it was ok