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The Door Into Summer
Start date
August 15, 2011
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September 15, 2011

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I haven't previously managed to get through any of Heinlein's work, but I am nothing if not determined, so I finally picked this up and decided to have a jolly good go. And it was okay. The style is easy to read, conversational; matter of fact, even. It's almost not like reading a story, except of course you know that few of Heinlein's predictions work out (though he did predict the Roomba).

It's an interesting take on cold sleep/time travel, and a personal one. Dan isn't saving the world, he's j
ah, Heinlein: when he's not completely off the fucking deep end into icky-sex territory(1), he's such a fun writer. I think a lot of times, the kookoo stuff in his later works overshadows his body of work as a whole, so it's nice to come back to one that's fairly free of insanity(2).

in classic Heinlein fashion(3), our protagonist is a salty, quick-witted, ex-military man, equally keen on being his own boss as he is on the aerodynamics of a woman's brassiere. he's an engineer working on household
The first time I read this book was years ago at the suggestion of a boyfriend and I don't know if that colored my opinion of the book or what, but I thought it was merely okay/didn't really like it. But in rereading, I find I have a much better opinion of the book and I'm not sure if it's just that I understand it better, having had that first experience, or if my tastes have changed since then (in boyfriends as well as books ;).

The Door into Summer is a classic time displacement novel and I ve
A sports car on a twisty road of a time travel story, breezy and fun. I love reading (and rereading) the near-future SF classics to see which predictions have come to pass, and which have not. This one was written in the 1950s and set in 1970 and 2000, which gives both futures a House of Tomorrow hue, complete with house robot. Heinlein also predicted bellbottoms coming into fashion, though in the wrong future. The plotting is tight and clever, and the main character and his cat are worth rootin ...more
..sort of like an unfunny episode of Futurama with no Zoidberg...if Drafing Danny could bend. The story is somewhat dated.
Heinlein at his good-story-ruined-by-misogynist, dirty-old-man, creepyness. The usual in other words.
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