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June 26, 2012
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July 31, 2012
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July 2012 - Classic Science Fiction Group Themed Read

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What Members Thought

Though I've been familiar with this story since I was child scared witless by the "monster movie" classic, I'd never actually read the classic novel on which it was based. Now, that I've amended that shortcoming, I can say that I enjoyed the book and can see it's genius as an original Gothic thriller but I think some of the later treatments actually made it a better story.

Victor Frankenstein was a bit of a whiner and from some of his later quotes it appeared that he'd learned nothing from his o
[Re-read] I loved reading this in high school over 25 years ago, but I didn't remember much of it, besides the ending. It turns out I still love it. The language is fantastic. The nature scenes are beautiful. The intense emotions of the main characters are great. And there's so much to take away from it thematically.

There's a great example of a mise en abyme device at the center of the novel: the monster's story within a story, where he narrates his initial self-awareness, his acquisition of lan
Great, am glad that I read this. Never knew that Frankenstein actually referred to the creator and not the monster himself as is commonly thought. The book holds up well even in present times. A great horror read, especially if you are into psychological horror.
Sarah Honenberger
Old-fashioned style and language made it hard to finish, story is fascinating and in the historical context of author's life, it was very interesting reading.
The Monster walking on the ice: a perennial image.
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