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Well this book just blew me away. Here I bought it because I thought it was about a town in England, but no, it's about...hmm...what is it really about? I guess in part it is a treatise as to where hermaprodites come from, how they feel and how they get to come to grips with who they are, but it is also about ignorance, about hating that of which we are most ignorant, about having empathy, about the evolution of science. It's also about family ties, about Greek and Turkish history and a century ...more
Henny Sari
komentar singkatnya: energinya gila2an...
8 tahun bikin novel hampir 900 halaman...
detil..., visualizing, 3 generasi diulas!
cari deh bukunya di FiXiMix... kalo datanya blm di-update, tungguin aja, atau langsung pesan bukunya di FiXiMix! hehe..sekalian, ga usah tanggung2 kalo penasaran.
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