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Dec 28, 2015 11:38PM

967 Lol! Wouldn't want anyone to miss out on a standing tiger in metal codpiece holding a gun.
Dec 27, 2015 11:45PM

967 Lol... "Hey Tiger".

The image is coming through really small for some reason, I'm going to try to post it too:

Dec 27, 2015 10:44PM

967 Maybe the original nuclear event killed them?
967 Serious Eats has an interesting article about ice (they disagree about ice and scotch being a bad combo it seems). In the end I guess it is just personal preference.
967 Kevin. wrote: "Too many bad dreams or actions that you hoped were dreams the next day lol. Hey mama will soon tell us to take it to the new drinking thread lol"

Instead I just made things worse!
967 I prefer scotch with a little water myself. A lot of the scotch dri kers I have met like it that way - I am not sure why I haven't tried it with ice yet since I usually like food&drink very hot or icy cold. :-P
Maybe because adding ice would make you drink it faster before it got too watery, rather than sipping. Still, I think I will try it next tkme I get some scotch. We have a place where I live that does scotch flights so that's fun. I like rye better though.

I was just on vacation a couple of weeks ago and came home with a couple of bottle of tequila, an almond and a coffee flavored one. They taste a little too good.

Now I need to scroll up to remember what this thread is about. Haha The Stand! Tangents are funny.
967 A die cutting machine, that's some hard core scrapbooking there!
967 That's right kids, take your vitamins and scrub behind your ears!

I still haven't started it. I have to stop procrastinating.
967 Haha "Momma Gertie". I finally get to be a mother, lol! Now if you're reading this on Saturday... isn't it past your bedtime? Don't forget to brush your teeth! (I guess it's actually Sunday in Michigan...)
Dec 26, 2015 10:15PM

967 Welcome to the group! Goodreads will become familiar with practice of course - I would recommend occassionally exploring the sections you don't ordinarily use (click on random links), it is a good way to discover new features of the site. :-)
Dec 26, 2015 04:11PM

967 Definitely stick with it Nancy, it gets progressively more interesting.
967 Lol, and even with tangents we always get back on topic eventually!
967 Yup each chunk will get its own thread.
Dec 26, 2015 01:14AM

967 I was just commenting about the season 2 finale in another thread, will copy paste below. First I have to say that despite my growing frustrations with the "grey" characters, I have been really impressed with this show. I wish I could wipe my memory and watch it all over again. :-P However I really have a problem with the fact that everyone is so ruthless.

The season 2 finale seriously pissed me off. I know some people love watching characters who are conflicted or morally ambiguous, and I agree to a point, but it has gone too far on thjs show... for me, if there are no good guys who cares who lives? I keep picturing a room full of irradiated 5 year olds. They killed a LOT of people to get their own people back. Why didn't they try irradiating for just a moment and then stopping it? They still had some leverage without having to resort to killing everyone. Anyway, not sure if I will watch season 3 or not, I am tired of getting pissed off at people and trying to understand their decisions. I no longer know who to root for. Though I have to say I have grown oddly attached to Murphy.
Dec 26, 2015 01:08AM


This was one of my favorite shows to watch this year (top 3, easy) and thought maybe a few of you have been watching as well.

Please remember to uncheck "Add to my Update Feed" when you mention a spoiler.
967 True, talk about a double standard... and how could (view spoiler)

Lol, maybe I should make a topic for this show. I am not sure how many others are watching it but I'll set one up and see what happens.
967 I was loving The 100 but the season 2 finale (view spoiler)
Dec 25, 2015 03:55PM

967 Merry Christmas everyone (who celebrates it that is :-P).

I am doing a loner Christmas this and trying to make the most of it. It is a little harder than a normal day off since most businesses are closed for the holiday, but am at a cozy coffee shop right now, reading Secret of Betrayal (thanks to Red!). :-)
967 Hi Kieth! Do you have book links for the books you mentioned? (It might help you get more takers since they can check out the books easily that way.)
Dec 24, 2015 09:22PM

967 The intensive purposes one is good - a classic eggcorn because it still makes some kind of sense.