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Nov 25, 2014 07:41AM

9277 Yes, they're talking about the fight after the rings, when (view spoiler). At least that the scene I think they mean, because I know I've talked to others that hate that scene and said that they felt Jamie raped her. She said 'no' or 'stop' at one point.

I agree that I personally didn't see it that way either. Sometimes love making is rough, lol.
Echo In The bone (392 new)
Nov 19, 2014 08:58AM

9277 I'm pretty crushed myself! Not because he's officially not his, but that she didn't just leave it open ended. I was okay with not knowing for sure.
9277 Thank you!
9277 Can you fill me on on how (view spoiler).
Echo In The bone (392 new)
Nov 13, 2014 11:06AM

9277 Exactly. And all I meant by that he didn't care was that he didn't need a paternity test to feel like Jem's father.
Nov 13, 2014 09:46AM

9277 I figured we're going to need a place to discuss those 'daily lines' by Diana Gabaldon.

When we finally have a title, I'll make sure to update!
Echo In The bone (392 new)
Nov 13, 2014 09:00AM

9277 Vanessa Eden wrote: "Speaking of roger and paternity... I know the spot on jems head is usually genetic and roger has it too. That's what made him believe Jem was his. But, it isn't concrete. I often wonder why they ne..."

Simple, he stopped caring. He stopped struggling with it. He had enough of proof to believe it, and he knows that no matter what Jem is his son. Sometimes a paternity test isn't important. My nephew's father refused a paternity test with my nephew even though when my sister got pregnant they were separated and she had been dating someone else. To him Mason is his child, and blood tests won't change that. He just doesn't care.
Echo In The bone (392 new)
Nov 13, 2014 08:58AM

9277 See, just proves what a gray area it is. You can get pregnant again just after a miscarriage, so it's still possible SoL is his. And I don't believe that a child can be someone's in 'spirit'. I think that she was telling Ian that she believed that he paternally fathered that boy without knowing the scientific terminology.

But, like I said, we all have our arguments and our reasons and I don't think that we will ever know one way or the other if Ian is truly SoL's father. Not without a paternity test, and that's not happening.
Echo In The bone (392 new)
Nov 13, 2014 07:32AM

9277 I'm saying exactly that, lol. That there's no way of knowing, because it's possible that it could be either way. There's arguments from both sides, but nothing that's said anything concrete. And that I don't think we'll ever know.

(I personally think he is Ian's too. I think that when the Grandma told Ian that Swiftest of Lizards is from Ian's spirit, she was saying that he's from Ian's little swimmers.)
Echo In The bone (392 new)
Nov 13, 2014 06:44AM

9277 It's a gray area that we don't know the answer to. He may not be Ian's, but their spirits are similar. Or he could be from the last time they were together, before he left, but Ian isn't his 'father' because he was kicked out of Emily's home and the man of the home is the father no matter who biologically conceived him.

I don't think we'll ever know whether he was Ian's biologically or not.
9277 (It was Ellen's post.)

I like this part:

"They’re the most passionate and they pay the most attention to the show, but they’re also a fraction of the larger audience that’s watching it, week to week, so you can’t go completely by what the fans say. Also, their perspective is their perspective. It’s not a democracy."
9277 gertt wrote: "Mary wrote: "It was actually more social than social media as you actually got to meet people..."

I totally agree Mary...don't misunderstand, I have enjoyed many of the discussions on this site......"

I agree Gertt, it takes a lot more work to make sure that your words don't come out wrong when you type it than it does when you say the words. Inflection can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

Though for someone like me who's pretty shy in the real world, I never took part in book clubs. I was always lucky to have a lot of readers in my family though.
9277 Ellen wrote: "Does anyone know what readers of Outlander did BEFORE there was an OA support group? And how, pray tell, did they first start to find each other? We've got things so easy now, with FB, Twitter, et ..."

I can answer that, lmao. I've been reading them that long. We suffered. If you didn't know anyone else who read the book you tried to convince someone to read the book, and if they wouldn't.... you suffered. :)
9277 Ellen wrote: "geez. DG kills off Roger????!!!!"

If you haven't read the whole series, this thread is a landmine. I just wanted to remind you that it's spoilers allllllll over the place in here. This is a 100% no holds barred thread.
Oct 29, 2014 11:32AM

9277 haha, awesome!
Oct 29, 2014 08:35AM

9277 Brizo wrote: "Madeleine wrote: "this is all good news! I enjoy what DG calls the "bulges" and the short stories as much as I do the main series novels.

I while back DG thought there would be a book called "king..."

Please mark your post as a spoiler. This is not a thread where we can discuss this openly.
9277 Yes, that is correct. Moragh and William Buccleigh Mackenzie. This is the same Buck that is helping Roger in Moby too. He's Rogers direct ancestor and the same man from the ship, and the same man who orchestrated Roger's hanging.
Drums of Autumn (337 new)
Oct 25, 2014 08:26AM

9277 Yes, that's what I read too. That Dougal arranged for Geillis's baby to be given to the couple who's baby was the changeling.
Drums of Autumn (337 new)
Oct 24, 2014 11:31AM

9277 In narration Claire would call that part of Rogers family ancestory the 'changeling' baby. Not because Geillis baby was the changeling but just because that was the events surrounding that family getting that baby.
Drums of Autumn (337 new)
Oct 23, 2014 02:57PM

9277 Definitely not, lol.
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