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Feb 21, 2009 02:37AM

8565 3 books
75 shelves

8565 I read Bogus to Bubbly by Scott Westerfeld and gave it 4 stars. My review:

I'm so glad I finally found this ^^ Scott's blog always entertains me greatly, and this was no different. A really great guide to the Uglies series, summing up anything you might have been confused or curious about, and also a good refresher course (I really want to read the series again now that I have a bit of "insider knowledge"). There were also some really interesting facts included that I found fascinating - like how our friends and family forget how ugly we are after spending so much time with us. Hahaha.

Also: can't wait for Leviathan!! :D
Jan 26, 2009 04:13AM

Dec 16, 2008 06:52PM

8565 Okay, it's been impossible to get my hands on Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis so I'm changing my R to Rules of Saying Goodbye - Katherine Taylor. I stumbled across this book on my own shelf! How I managed to miss it after all my weeks of searching for an R... sigh.
8565 One my favourites also! Excellent choice :)
8565 I read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I gave it 4 stars.

Beautifully written, never boring or stuffy (as these things sometimes are). I loved the words of advice, the anecdotes, the musings.

Inspiring, and not just because I now want to become an Imagineer.

I feel like I've been granted a private look at the bigger picture.
Dec 05, 2008 02:36AM

8565 Okay, I'm finally joining in to play! :D I've been working the last seven days, and haven't had time to get to the library, but finally today I got my hands on A Christmas Carol. So my list stands at:

C: A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
H: Hamlet - John Marsden
R: Rules of Saying Goodbye - Katherine Taylor
I: Interview with a Vampire - Anne Rice (alt: Invisible Ring - Anne Bishop)
S: Stolen - Kelley Armstrong
T: Tithe - Holly Black
M: Mona Lisa Awakening - Sunny
A: All-American Girl - Meg Cabon
S: Snuff - Chuck Palahniuk (alt: Size 14 is not Fat Either - Cabot)

D: Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris
A: ~to be decided~
Y: You Suck - Christopher Moore (alt: You Spin Me Round - Sam O'Reilly)

The alternatives are in case I can't get my hands on the first option :) Now I just need to catch up to the rest of you!
8565 I can vouch that Lucky by Alice Sebold is an amazing read. ;)

Like someone else said, this isn't one of my favourite shelves, but the whole point of this group is to expand our horizons sooo...

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

And I'm really looking forward to it! :D (I wanted to try Marley and Me, but I don't think I'm ready for it just yet...)
Nov 13, 2008 07:42AM

8565 I'm definitely in! I'm halfway through my list (having a bit of trouble with both As, R, T and Y =/) but hopefully I'll post it up tomorrow.:D
8565 Excellent choice! I don't even need to look at the list because there's a whole bunch on my shelves begging for me to read them... :( I'll be participating in NaNoWriMo though, so I know I'll most likely only get through one or two...

The Verdict:
Outlander - Diana Gabaldon
The Blood Countess - Andrei Condrescu

Can't wait!

Oct 09, 2008 08:12AM

8565 I'm participating in a personal 100 books a year challenge. I'm enjoying it, it sorta gives me an excuse to read when I shouldn't be ;)

But no, jokes aside, I like finding new books to read, and the 100 book thing challenged me to search for new books I normally wouldn't. However, if I'm not enjoying a book, it also pushes me to finish so I can move onto the next one instead of getting stuck (because I must reach my goal, sorta thing).

The A-Z challenge sounds awesome though. Is it a goodreads group?
Oct 08, 2008 08:18AM

8565 I also did Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot.

This is what I wrote for my review (3 stars):
I thought this book started off ridiculously boring. Not to mention the author clearly loved her em dashes and used them in just about every second sentence. I love my side thoughts as much as the next person, but to be interrupted that many times as she trails off on yet another tangent? Offputting.

Eventually, the book settles and the em dashes disappear. Right around the time of the first murder. Which is when the book really picks up, actually becoming really fast paced and humourous and witty. There are some seriously laugh-out-loud moments that just had me rolling on the floor, and I think they make up for the slow pace and overused em dashes in the first 100 pages or so.

I'm also not that much a fan of the whodunnit, but this one completely caught me by surprise and I really enjoyed the mystery aspect. Over all, really entertaining.
8565 Looks like I'll also be delving in with Agatha Christie ^^

I finally got my hands on And Then There Were None a month or two ago. I'd been searching for aaaages and finally found it in a second hand bookstore - and then my friend was kind enough to buy it for me! Gotta love him.

So as well as that, after snooping around a bit and stealing a few of your recs ;)... my list now stands at:

And Then There Were None
The Eyre Affair
Size 12 is not Fat
The Thirteenth Tale (because so many of you have vouched for it and now I'm insanely curious..)
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Sep 23, 2008 06:07AM

8565 Hello! My name's Christina. 19. I'm another Aussie - Adelaide, in fact (hello to the aussies!). This group caught my eye because I'm always looking to expand my reading interests - I don't like sticking to just a specific genre, although I have been guilty of that in past!

Hopefully I'll be able to make a few friends out of this too ^^

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