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Jan 26, 2011 02:01PM

8115 Were they different problems? We established this country because we had an over-reaching over-controlling king - the same as a central government. We found that the Articles did not provide enough cohesion, did not reach far enough nor control enough, and so our Constitution replaced it. But that doesn't mean we want to now replace the original intent - avoiding an over-reaching over-controlling government with one that over reaches and over controls.
Jan 26, 2011 10:52AM

8115 I added the first to my ever-growing list. The one good thing I can say about that list is that it is growing faster than my waist line. ;-)
Jan 26, 2011 10:29AM

8115 Added to my Wish List. I like mysteries short stories and a themed collection is especially intriguing.
Jan 25, 2011 06:30PM

TODAY IN THE NEWS (2840 new)
Jan 25, 2011 05:58PM

8115 Thanks, and I deleted. ;-)
Jan 24, 2011 02:42PM

8115 Randy, I spent several years in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley in California - huge rice growing area. Can't imagine eating rice grown outside the US.
Jan 24, 2011 02:34PM

8115 Ok, we're far afield. Bentley will be in shortly to take it over to the Tea and Conversation Thread. ;-)
Jan 24, 2011 02:15PM

8115 Up here, it's "Friends Don't Let Friends Eat Farmed Fish"
Jan 24, 2011 08:04AM

Jan 23, 2011 07:49PM

Jan 23, 2011 07:36PM

8115 in your

Jan 23, 2011 06:49PM

Jan 23, 2011 07:26AM

8115 Becky, you will love it!

8115 I am very lucky to get to live here. I have visited most of the Western US and feel we live in such a beautiful country that it amazes me people want to go elsewhere.
Jan 22, 2011 07:09PM

8115 Elizabeth (really like your name, by the way), I can't help you with your son, but wonder if he's currently in the "act of reading" mode rather than a true comprehension mode.

As to not finishing books, I recently laid one aside after 140/500+ pages. Frankly it surprised me. It happens to me rarely since coming on Goodreads as I, too, rarely pick up a book I'm not sure I'll like. There have been a couple recently that I forced myself to complete because of a challenge
8115 Alisa, there is no doubt about the slight feeling of frustration that I'm not finishing as much when I read more than one book at a time. I would definitely prefer reading just one, but when that happens, I miss out on discussions. I haven't yet participated in a discussion here, and what I have in front of me here, the schedule is very widespread to accommodate those who might not have has much free time for reading as I have. It does make it a little less satisfying for fiction, I admit.
8115 I didn't think I would be able to read more than one book at a time, but I've found it much more manageable than expected. One of my current books I'm doing a buddy read in another group and we have a schedule. I can read a lot more than the schedule, so if I didn't have another book, I would find myself staring at the ceiling at night instead of wrapped up with a book. Once with a buddy read I tried reading ahead, but that didn't work out so well for the discussion. Yes, I think I miss some of the continuity reading more than one book, but I know I would be missing out on some good discussion if I just read straight through. I guess it's a matter of deciding what the trade-offs are.
Jan 22, 2011 03:01PM

8115 I'm sorry we've gotten so far afield, but I do think this is the sort of thing that goes to the crux of the Hamilton vs Jefferson, Federalist vs Republican thinking both at the time of the writing of the Constitution. How much power do we want our federal government to have?
Jan 22, 2011 02:42PM

8115 Actually, I'm not sure how widespread are our views. "Tinkering", to me, is certainly not wholesale scrapping of the program(s). That said, we cannot afford the programs as they currently exist and if we do nothing, we will lose them in their entirety. I think the current method of determining old-age benefits might need to be changed, but not to the point of means testing, and portions of the program moved elsewhere. One portion of social security I think we might look at moving would be the disability program which currently supports alcoholics and drug addicts. I don't know what the current level of dependents benefits is. When my mother received this benefit for me and my siblings, the age cutoff was 18, regardless of whether attending school. That was subsequently changed to age 23 if the "child" was still in school. I'm not sure social security should be supporting people to go to college. If that portion of SS is still in place, it might be better moved to another program with means testing. Now, if you call that "tinkering", perhaps we more (vehemently) disagree than I thought.
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