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Mar 18, 2011 02:34PM

8095 Oh, at the moment no. I'll see if we can add that soon!
Mar 17, 2011 10:53AM

8095 Depends...

The logic that surrounds what books can be shown in the api is a little bit complex, and I'd recommend just playing around with a couple samples.
Mar 16, 2011 10:42AM

8095 1) Due to the terms of service that come along with many of the images on our site (particularly the images we get from amazon), we can't always give them out over over our api. We'd love to give out more images, but we can't do to contractual obligations.

2) I don't really know your current users or your app very well, so it's hard to say. Theres a ton of goodreads andriod clients out there, and we're writing out own, so doing the same thing as everyone else might not be super worth while, but we've got a ton of cool data and I'm sure you can find something fun to do with it.
Mar 15, 2011 10:19AM

8095 Soon!
Mar 14, 2011 06:33PM

8095 I think we patched Kiwi's issue (we've been emailing back and forth).

Steven: It looks ok for me, can you give me the exact url that is bonking for you?
Mar 08, 2011 09:27AM

8095 we have a few groups apis, the documentation isn't done yet.

I guess i could ad an api on notifications, I'll put that on the todo list.
Mar 07, 2011 09:32AM

8095 Thanks, We'll try and fix this soon!
Mar 04, 2011 05:03PM

8095 If you want a fun api to use that has great support, excellent documentation, client wrappers written in lots of different languages, and a variety of output formats, goodreads' api is not the one to use.

If you want an API that has the best available book reviews, book metadata, and social book features on the internet, well, then you have no choice, you must use our api.

It's not apples to apples, but in a classroom setting, a student that can successfully use twitter, or flickr's api will be much better prepared to use a smaller companies less developed, more complex API.
Mar 04, 2011 04:59PM

8095 I'll agree that adding a couple JSON endpoints is relatively easy, but we've got some 100 endpoints to our api, a lot of those have like 50+ lines of dynamic xml code. To do this, I'd expect it to take about 2 weeks of developer time.

We're a relatively small company, and thats kind of a big deal. If you guys want one or two json responses of particular methods, let us know which ones and we'll do our best to add them, but currently this isn't a priority.
Mar 04, 2011 01:47PM

8095 I checked it in, i think we're going to push a release with this code later today, but it might happen monday, you should see new docs on http://www.goodreads.com/api after this is live.
Mar 03, 2011 01:48PM

8095 We've thoguht about enabling it for groups. I'd have to say it's not that likely something we'll do too soon.

If you wanted to syncidate our content onto a different site, then thats possbible with our api, but you'd have to comply with our terms of service.

Also I think there are plugins to firefox that let you reskin sites that you visit.
Mar 02, 2011 07:09PM

8095 Oh wow, i didn't notice we didn't update the API docs. We've got limited support already. I'll get the developer responsible to update them ASAP.
Mar 02, 2011 08:24AM

8095 On the group membership page you can sort by last online_at, and number of comments in the group:


I don't think we have anything usable for this in the api currently.

IF she hasn't checked out the moderator support group (http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/2...) I'd recommend that, those guys are serious.
Mar 01, 2011 06:05PM

8095 Sorry for taking so long, I'll see if we can't get it resolved sooner.
Mar 01, 2011 10:04AM

8095 It would need to be a different method. I'll try and add support for this soon.
Feb 27, 2011 09:19AM

8095 We'll investigate this soon!
8095 Are you using oauth? or just an api-key?

If you're using oauth, it should work.
Feb 22, 2011 10:47AM

8095 Yes we have plans, but they're not super high priority at the moment.
Feb 21, 2011 02:32PM

8095 I think amazon doesn't allow us to even show title and author name. We might be able to return just the book id (and maybe the ISBN), if thats valuable...

It's pretty crappy.
8095 it should not be doing that... I'll see about fixing this.

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