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May 08, 2014 06:47AM

721 Another four (almost five) down, after several disappointments. That's thirteen including my current read.
Apr 22, 2014 06:35AM

721 I don't mind ebooks, but I associate paper books with my childhood. I wouldn't be, like, devastated if we went totally digital, but there's a tactile, comforting element to paper books that it's hard to recreate with ebooks.
Apr 22, 2014 06:31AM

721 I love first person because it's so hard to do well: you really need to get into the narrator's head and have a distinct character narrating. That said, I agree that it depends on the quality of the writing; I've seen both done beautifully, and I have no preference for either.
Apr 19, 2014 04:20PM

721 Keep at it, Abby!
721 The Fry Chronicles. It's interesting going so far. I'd rather have read Moab Is My Washpot, but FC isn't bad.
721 Bette Bookworm wrote: "I received The Little Friend by Donna Tartt via inter-library service. It's such a great service; $2.00! A steal. And I'm going to buy this book definitely; I love Ta..."

I'm glad you can read again! We really are so lucky that we still get to enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures with things like e-readers. Your book beanbag sounds pretty nifty.

I'm waiting for The Goldfinch to be available. :)
721 Brenda, I'm glad they found him!
Feb 17, 2014 04:09AM

721 1.
6. The Easter Parade
10. The Golden Gate
721 The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa. It's a love-it-or-hate-it book. It sent shivers down my spine, because it resonated so strongly with things I'd been thinking about lately. It's taken me a couple of months, because you have to keep dipping into it, but it's amazing.
Feb 16, 2014 03:54AM

721 No, I definitely don't go for books based on blurbs. If it's not an author I know and love, I check out reviews here. The cover's what attracts me to the book, and it used to be a factor in my buying choices, but now I've learned that the prettier the cover, the worse (generally) the book. Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish was one blurb that misled me: the book was drivel IMO. The Shadow of the Wind was another, because the book was less about the cemetery than the search for an author.
Feb 16, 2014 02:04AM

721 Brenda wrote: "Wondered where you'd been Tanvi ;)"

True to form, I'm currently procrastinating on an assignment.
721 I can't even... did he not care that he was tying up the line that is meant to save people's lives? *facepalm*

And thanks guys! :)
721 I got into the MA! :) By the skin of my teeth, but still..
Feb 16, 2014 01:18AM

721 Bwahaha, I'm on my sixth! I've been doing a course, so life's been rather hectic.
Jan 22, 2014 03:38AM

721 The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf! I've been wanting to read it for a while now.
Jan 22, 2014 03:18AM

721 Augh, and here I am, only on book 5. Grats!
721 Grats, Sally!
721 Liam wrote: "If you go to your profile (just click your name above your last comment, or your picture in the top-right), under your details and so on there should be a "Sharon's favourite books" bit, and under ..."

:O Thanks! I was wondering how people got that on their profile.
Jan 16, 2014 12:43AM

721 Avoiding Mr Right (chick lit).
721 Wow. All you peeps in Adelaide and other affected areas, stay safe! Also, grats on your letter, Liam!
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