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Nov 20, 2015 05:50PM

721 Karen wrote: "1. The Book Thief."

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Have you read it? Or are you going to read it Karen? What list is it on and number...don't forget your quote:)
Nov 20, 2015 05:42PM

721 Free this weekend in celebration of her new release Broken Threads is Band of Gold by Aussie author Maggie Christensen

Amazon US:

Amazon AU:

Nov 20, 2015 04:43PM

721 Great list Janine!
Nov 20, 2015 04:41PM

721 Wow great giveaway Sharon! I can highly recommend both to anyone who hasn't read them! Thanks for your generosity:)
721 I'd say you can read it as Historical Romance Carolyn:) Shellyrae's first words in her review say "dramatic and romantic" - so it would pass;) Enjoy! I'll be interested in your thoughts...
721 I haven't read it yet Carolyn but have it down as Historical Fiction. I'll check and see if it can be classed as Historical Romance...
721 Oh I have lots Carolyn:) Check out here: and here:

Just check if they're Aussie in the first link - second will be:) Good luck!
Nov 20, 2015 03:35PM

721 I'm about to start my last for this challenge - Dying Words by C.A. Larmer
Nov 20, 2015 03:31PM

721 Sally906 wrote: "I've started my 3rd book - Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

The first chapter worried me a bit, was a brief graphic sentence in a fight scene which I hoped wasn't settin..."

I really like the sound of that one Sally!
721 Oh that is absolutely fantastic Joan! We have a neighbour over the road who was given only a few months and is still going strong after almost 5 years now:) It's heartwarming to hear the story of survival:)
Nov 20, 2015 02:23PM

721 Congratulations Heather!
721 Dale wrote: "Beautiful cool here today with a little light rain."

It's definitely cooler Dale...thank goodness! But our overnight didn't get below 21 - the breeze is lovely now:)
Nov 20, 2015 02:21PM

721 Wow you only have 4 left in this (that I can see) and 2 you are currently reading Lesley! Well done!!
Nov 20, 2015 02:18PM

721 Fighting The Storm by Marcia Burns 10/11/15 (Auto/Biography/Non Fiction)
721 Joan wrote: "Hi All, Last night I started reading Fighting The StormMy Breast Cancer Journey by Marcia Burns. I believe she is a young Australian woman diagnosed with breast ca..."

I think everyone has been touched by this in some way Joan...hard to write about too I'd say. Welcome to the group!
Nov 20, 2015 03:03AM

721 Joan wrote: "Hi All, I have just started Fighting The Storm - My Breast Cancer Journey by Marcia Burns(Non-fiction Memoir) Great read so far."

You have this post in the wrong thread Joan :) Currently reading thread is where it fits :) Thanks.
721 It's supposed to drop to 19 but not till early hours!
721 I'm glad it's hit there Margaret - that means it won't be far from here (hopefully!) Still 30 here:(
Nov 20, 2015 02:41AM

721 I know, it's scary Melissa!
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Nov 20, 2015 02:39AM

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