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Feb 24, 2015 05:27AM

70409 Hi Kathryn

Just ordered Jinxed and can't wait to read. Here in London my partner and I are in our third cycle of watching the complete Dark Shadows series and we just got to the part with Quentin's ghost. This time around I thought the story-line with Maggie Evans and Nicolas Blair was really interesting and opened up a new side to Maggie as she moved (or was forced to move away) from Joe, but it seemed to end rather abruptly - do you recall why this was? You are now the governess at Collinwood (good move) and up next as Rachel Drummond. Hope more DS related books are in your writing future - still think a co-authored volume by you and Lara Parker as Josette and Angelique (each telling your side of that story) might be interesting....love your writing and your take on that time in TV and in Beverly Hills. All the best and remember you have an open invite to see any opera you want at the Glyndebourne Opera Festival where I work. All the best, Andy H
May 27, 2012 02:25PM

70409 Kathryn

After all your excellent performances on Dark Shadows I also really enjoyed your appearences on Dallas Season 11 when you played Bunny Harvard - if I remember correctly these were the episodes where J.R and Bobby went to Europe? Can you share any memories of filming these episodes (I have all of Dallas on DVD so must re-watch them). What was Larry Hagman like to work with - I've heard he was a real character on the set - looking forward to seeing the reboot show in the autumn here in the UK.

Thanks Andy

BTW I was in a DVD store in Oxford Street in London and they are now selling the orignal Dark Shadows TV episodes in box sets - the new movie is helping to create interest over here and I am spreading the word to anyone who asks about the show!
May 26, 2012 10:37AM

70409 Kathryn

Thank you and an amazing honour and treat to have you answer directly. I feel like I am at the Collinsport Inn having a coffee with Maggie. Will think of some more. Time to watch you get kidnapped!

Best Andy
May 24, 2012 10:55PM

70409 Kathryn

Hello from London - not too far from Cadogan Square!

I am interested in the story arc for Barnabas Collins from the orignal show. I am Currently re-watching the episodes when Maggie first encounters Barnabas (and the talk of the poor cows by Jo). As I understand from your excellent and invaluable books, Jonathan Frid was only supposed to be on the show for a short period of time as the vampire. clearly in the early episodes Barnabas is a much more malevolent character and was clearly being played as a evil vampire (but even here Jonathan Frid's excellent performance comes through ("I was a Collins why didn't you protect me when they put this curse on me"). I would be interested to know how much of the "backstory" for Barnabas existed from the beginning and how much was developed as the show went on (clearly as you found out the link with Barnabas and Josette was established early) and Barnabas become more popular. I see two possible points where this starts to change - one the appearance of Sarah (don't want to spoil who she is) and then the scene where Barnabas tells Vicki and Carolyn the story of Josettee during a storm at Collinwood (then again when wasn't there a storm at Collinwood!). When as a cast did you know about the Angelique story? Also I just ordered the biography of Grayson Hall and it woukd be great to hear what she was like to work with. For me she is a giant of Dark Shadows and her Dr Hoffmann one of the most interesting characters (which sadly I do not think came thru in the revival show or the Depp movie) Her expressions and close ups were amazing. ok enough from me for now!

Best Andy

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