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Twilight Series (33 new)
Dec 09, 2008 09:17AM

701 I guess maybe they wanted at least one actor that people were familiar with. That had to be a tough role to cast. How do you find the "perfect" guy?
Dec 09, 2008 09:15AM

701 As you continue to read the series you'll encounter more of Anita's sexual awakening and hopefully you'll love the fact that the boys are bi and still love each other. Anita is one lucky woman. Just wait.
Dec 02, 2008 12:23PM

701 Oh Amanda...I'm so jealous that you still have so many books to read. I went through the entire series in about a month. Enjoy!
Twilight Series (33 new)
Nov 29, 2008 06:11AM

701 You're not alone Stacy. I really enjoyed the movie too. They had a small budget for this first movie so I think they did the best they could. As the movie went on I became more comfortable with their choice of cast and while their were some cheesy parts, overall I thought it was good movie. Hopefully in the next movie they will have improved the special effects and hire a better makeup artist.

Yea, I was smiling right there with ya.
Nov 21, 2008 11:30AM

701 Amanda if you like Jason, wait until you read Blood Noir. It's all about Jason and it is soooo good. OMG. I can't wait for you to read that book.
Nov 20, 2008 06:56AM

701 Amanda, while this was a good read, it was not my favorite. I missed the rest of the gang and there was no sex which I really missed! This one is also one of the more gruesome books in the series but it does have a lot of action and you'll definitely want to finish it.
Skin Trade (198 new)
Nov 17, 2008 07:11AM

701 Yea, that sucks about Asher. I was so looking forward to some scenes between him, Nathaniel and Anita. I get all hot and bothered just thinking about it! Okay...so I'm a perv.
Nov 07, 2008 07:36AM

701 Yea, poor Jason. He'll never be the same after that encounter. Those are some seriously nasty vamps. What a rotten (no pun intended) power to have. Give me the aurdeur anytime.
Myspace Friends (12 new)
Nov 06, 2008 08:04AM

701 I just created a myspace page and since ya'll are my friends...I was wondering if anyone would like to friends there too? I love getting to know everyone better. You can find my page using my email address Metamorphosis101@comcast.net
Nov 05, 2008 09:04AM

701 I really like Haven's personality I just don't like the physical description of him. If the tattoos were tribal or celtic...I'd be all over that.
Nov 04, 2008 06:27AM

701 Do you think though that since she now needs to feed the ardeur with men who she isn't metaphysically connected to, at least that's what I understood the case to be, that her circle of lovers will have to increase...maybe to include her other animals to call. I think she will eventually have one for each of her beasts and they will be added to the rotation.

I don't really like "cookie monster" simply because I don't like the way he's described physically. I don't get the Sesame Street tattoos. They just seem strange for a werelion and not very macho. I like my alpha males to be really masculine.
Nov 03, 2008 09:20AM

701 Oh Amanda...just wait honey.

I always wondered why we never got more details about what he was doing in that bed. I seem to recall him telling Anita that he was celibate and wanted to wait for marriage. That scene seemed terribly out of character for Richard and I agree that it was strange that Anita never questioned it. Sometimes it seems like Laurell loses her train of thought and leaves her readers wondering about things left unfinished. Oh well. Maybe we'll learn more about that in a later book. More and more of Richard's back story comes out as the books progress.
Nov 03, 2008 05:31AM

701 Amanda, remember Melissa said she hopes you have an open mind? She's absolutely right. I don't want to give anything away but Anita's journey has just begun and her path may not be what you would chose for her. When reading these books you have to try and understand why the things that happen to her are part of that journey and let go of any preconceived notions about what her life should be like. I think people give up on the series too soon without giving Laurell a chance to let the long term story unfold. You're got a few more books until Anita's like starts to get really complicated. Hang in there and if you get frustrated, come here and vent. I'll talk you down .
Oct 31, 2008 06:42AM

701 I agree it would be very cool for Nathaniel and Jason to be metaphysically connected now since they are best buddies. Maybe they will be since it seems like it's one big chain that binds them all together. I think of it in terms of bandwidth, imagining the chains as "pipes" because I'm such a geek . The larger the "pipe" the more bandwidth you have so the faster information flows. The pipes that connect the triumvirates are large so the information flows fast and strong. The pipes that connect Anita to her animals to call are smaller so while there is still a flow of power and information, it's not as fast and strong. Kind of the difference between dial up and cable. It wouldn't surprise me if everyone who is tied to Anita and Jean Claude become tied to everyone else. The difference will be in how strong the connection is.
Oct 30, 2008 02:15PM

701 I can't answer that question. It'd be like asking me which of my 7 kids was my favorite. Now, I don't have 7 kids, but if I did I could tell you what their strengths and weaknesses are, which character traits I like best in each one, etc..., but I could never pick a favorite. I would be heartbroken if anything happened to any of them. I feel a special affinity for Micah though. I think he has been the best influence on Anita. Nathanial is so sweet, he'd be the one I'd want to cuddle with all the time. I sure hope Anita never has to choose.
Oct 30, 2008 02:10PM

701 I don't think Jason is part of the triumvirate. He's her animal to call but I don't think that's the same as being part of the triumvirate. By it's very definition, a triumvirate "is commonly used to describe a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals".

The mortality issue is an interesting one since Damian is immortal. It begs the question if that makes Nathanial and Anita immortal too. If not, then Damian isn't really immortal anymore if he can die when Anita and Damian do.

Since Anita only continues to grow in power, I definitely think she is powerful enough to continue with both triumvirates and I also think she will get more animals to call. How close she and her animals will be is the question I can't wait to get answered.
Oct 30, 2008 08:38AM

701 This was interesting.

You Scored as Asher

You are Asher! You are very self-conscious of your faults, and tend to hide when you feel threatened. Your issues often make you overly sensitive to the comments of others, which can make being your friend difficult at times. But under that hard exterior, you are really a very caring and loyal person. You long to find love, though love has hurt you in the past.

Anita Blake
Jean Claude
Oct 29, 2008 03:32PM

701 Have any of you ever been to the Grove Park Inn where they stayed? I have and it's spectacular. If you go to their website you can see the room they stayed in. It's called the Gallery. It is really amazing. I hope to move to Asheville someday. I love it there.
Oct 29, 2008 11:06AM

701 Just finished this book and I'm so sad to have finished the series.

I loved this book. Jason has been a favorite of mine since we first met him. I love his sense of humor and how honest he is with Anita. I wonder if he'll move in with her. She's going to need a bigger bed!

I love the fact that Richard inherited the ardeur and hope that he comes to appreciate it better now. I would really like for him to comes to terms with his homophobia too and maybe this will help. It's time for the three of them to become a true ménage à trois and see if this enhances their power. I really hope Anita will let Jean Claude and Asher have the relationship they want. I always feel so sad for Asher. He deserves some love!

I think Anita will take on more strains of lycanthropy and I hope at some point she will have an animal to call for each strain. I hope we see more of tiger Alex. He's a prince for goodness sake and I think he'd be a good match for Anita.

I hope the next book includes everyone. I always miss them when they're not in the book. It should be a good one if mommy gets her way. Can't wait!
Anita Withdrawl (3 new)
Oct 29, 2008 10:40AM

701 I just finished Blood Noir and I'm so sad. I've spent the last 2 months reading the entire series and was so spoiled being able to go from book to book. Now I have to wait for the next one like everyone else *sob*

I miss them all so much already. How pathetic is that?! But I have started on the Dark Hunter series and those are supposed to be really good. I'm also going to read the Merry series which I'm looking forward to. I hope Laurell continues to crank them out!

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