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Apr 23, 2012 12:53AM

68452 I have dabbled in writing short stories, which are popular amongst my friends who tell me that I should enter them into competitions. One of them may be published in an anthology later this year. At least it is on the short list with the publisher.

But the biggest project that I would like to complete is a novel based on some experiances that I had during my military career. My big problem is changing the names of characters and places which are probably 80% based on real characters. I need to change them because this is fiction based on reality, as opposed to a wholly truthful account, but the warmth seems to go out of the characters as soon as I start changing their names. Perhaps it is just like that for me.

I am sure that there is a degree of reality in your characters and places. How do you overcome this problem? Or is it never a problem for you?

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