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Apr 07, 2016 08:45AM

62938 Heather wrote: "He kept telling Stephen that he was going to fuck him (his words), which made me a bit uncomfortable when you consider their size differences"

Agreed. I cringe every time I have to read some form of the "I'm going to have you here and now, even if you say 'no' because I say you'll like it" speech. I'm just glad Crane stopped when Stephen told him to.
Magpie casting! (41 new)
Apr 06, 2016 09:11PM

62938 Awesome castings, guys.

I totally immediately went with Tom Hiddleston for Crane when he got super giddy in the first chapter. However, sometimes my brain would substitute him with Matthew Goode.

I could never quite pin down a proper casting for Stephen. I started off bouncing between Eddie Redmayne and a young Burn Gorman, but neither really stuck in my mind throughout.

And I hate that I didn't think of Mark Strong as Merrick to begin with. That's perfect!
Apr 06, 2016 08:51PM

62938 Oh, man. I was so surprised at how fun a read this was! I'm so used to awful M/M books, but this renewed my faith a bit. It's by no means great writing, but it's fast-paced and unique in its own way. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

*spoilery on this next section*

However, once again, we have the overly aggressive, dominate male trope in Crane (albeit momentarily). He got a little too rapey and violent there during the confrontation over the whole "fluence" thing, but I appreciated that Crane let up so quickly and was remorseful when he understood Stephen's emotional conflict over Crane's family's transgressions and why it may make it difficult for Stephen to see him as a lover (<--the last part of that sentence sounded really douchey). But I easily forgive his forcefulness since Crane proved himself to be genuinely caring toward Stephen most of the time.

Speaking of Crane, did anyone else start that first chapter and think "Oh, hell. A whole book with *this* ass as a lead?" then instantly fell in love with him once he was free of the spell? Also, mad props to Crane's highly-advanced swearing skills.

One thing I am extremely pleased about is that the author didn't follow the age-old M/M trope of the "reluctant homosexual" with any character here. At no point does Stephen get all "Eww, sexy timez with a boy? That's gross! I'm too macho for that. Gimme vaginas!" only to realize he wanted the wang all along. I HATE that crap. It's been done to death. It's not like we're out there hounding the straights until they magically give in to unrealized desire!

Sometimes you just want to read about two sexy, consenting dudes getting it on after fighting the supernatural forces of evil, amiright?

And how awesome was Merrick? We should all be so lucky to have a fag stag such as him.

For a supernatural romance book, this one didn't generate the many eye-rolls that so many others do. I was able to suspend my disbelief completely, even during that ridiculous moment at the end with the birds coming alive thanks to magical anal penetration. I mean, can you imagine if every time you had sex all the crap you put a bird on started flying around the house?

"Hey, baby, wanna get frisky tonight?"
"Oh, gee, I dunno. Last time some of the ceramics flew out the back door and roosted in the tree. It took days to get them down. Let's just cuddle tonight, okay?"

Total mood killer.

Was anyone else a little confused as to just how prevalent magic is in this world? I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be this strange, uncommon thing that people can to or if it's an accepted, yet unspoken part of reality, because there sure are a lot of people around that practice, especially if there's need for justiciars like Stephen. He was so surprised to know that practitioners go about freely in China, unlike England.

Anyway, even with its flaws, I had a great time reading this one and will be downloading the sequels shortly.
Dragon Con? (10 new)
Sep 01, 2015 07:43PM

62938 Amanda B. wrote: "Here are some options:

Night/Evening--Let's do Gibney's Pub. It's right across Portman Blvd from the Hyatt and Marriot.

Friday 8:30pm
Saturday 5pm
Sunday 7pm

Morning--We could meet at the Starb..."

As for evenings, Friday and Sunday work best for me, but Saturday is doable. Mornings: Friday and Saturday or Sunday.
Aug 31, 2015 06:30AM

62938 I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I had my doubts, since I've never been able to really get into Naomi Novik's other books. However, I'm glad I was determined to make it through this one.

The story is so vivid in painting this fairy tale world with great characters. I almost never found myself bored with it, with the exception of the last chapter which didn't have the same flow as the rest of the book. Things were just tied up a little too neatly for me, I guess.

The Wood as an antagonist was excellent. I love the idea of a villain that's more of a concept than a corporeal, plotting being. The whole time, the danger felt very real and very frightening, as one may never be aware that someone was being controlled by the Wood, made to do horrible thing.

I have to say, I don't recommend reading this before bed. I made that mistake and had some F***ED up dreams.
Dragon Con? (10 new)
Aug 31, 2015 06:04AM

62938 If this comes together, I'll make time whenever necessary.
Dragon Con? (10 new)
Aug 22, 2015 10:12PM

62938 Surely someone could put something together. A meetup would be awesome, official or otherwise.
Jul 26, 2015 09:59PM

62938 Did anyone else listen to the audiobook? Luckily, it was available on Scribd (yay for hijacking my boyfriend's account). I just finished it this afternoon and I have to say that I really enjoyed this one.

I loved Adrian and how Annique was (mostly) a bad ass spy. Except, ya know, spilling everything to a "random" stranger following her across England. You're a spy. You've got one job. C'mon! And I agree with a lot of you guys that it's absurd that Annique couldn't recognize Robert after regaining her sight. As perceptive as she was beforehand, you mean to tell me one stanky sweater throws her off? Feh!

I have to say that the audio version was narrated very well and I highly recommend it. Except for the Top Gun-style 80s power ballad they played over the final chapter. Not very French Revolution, if you ask me, but it sure made things feel pretty epic there at the end!
Jun 30, 2015 06:58PM

62938 One of the girls in my writing group and I decided to be guinea pigs for the rest of the group and read this one a year or so ago.

The horror.

How is it possible for a t-rex to hold a woman up with both tiny rex arms AND disrobe her? Prehensile tail?
Oct 10, 2014 09:24PM

62938 I finished the book a few days ago and really enjoyed it! I'm definitely going to add the others in the series to my reading list.

It definitely had its issues, such as Tish's eagerness to just kill a guy in her world with little to no moral struggle on her part and the fact that she somehow has a vocabulary befitting of a Gilmore Girl (who the hell throws around the word "quotidian" like that?).

Did anyone else get the sense that maybe the author was trying too hard by throwing around a bunch of big words? They seemed so out of place coming from a twenty-something from the South.

Also, the ghost in the lighthouse bit just went a bit too far in my opinion. Sure, there's magic and "vampires" everywhere, but her appearance just felt out of place and nothing more than a poorly conceived vehicle to give the reader insight into Goodwill's motivations.

And while we're at it, must EVERY villain be the product of unrequited love? And do so many of the love interests have to have that rapey moment with the woman? I'd like to see those particular themes left out of a good story.

All that aside, I still really enjoyed the book a lot and can't wait to watch the Hangout!
Oct 05, 2014 07:07PM

62938 Ashley, I love your pick for Casper!
Oct 05, 2014 01:13PM

62938 I'm totally with you on Colin as best pic for Criminy. I've been picturing him in my mind since he first appeared on the page.
Apr 30, 2012 11:35AM

62938 I agree. It was completely over-the-top, even for zombies and nanobots. Apparently Mina's mother has the Robot Devil's hands of transcendental quickness.
Apr 30, 2012 11:24AM

62938 I just started Heart of Steel yesterday and am already really into it and am looking forward to the novellas (though I'm miffed that, in order to read Yasmeen's, I'll have to buy a reprint of the book of wait for an ebook release). I think I'll be sticking with this series for a while.
Apr 23, 2012 05:56PM

62938 I have a tendency to stick to gay fantasy and young adult novels (two hard subjects to find quality work in), so I went outside of my comfort zone with this one. But my expectations were blown out the window pretty quick. I actually liked this one a lot and have this book club to thank for exposing me to it.

I really like the world Meljean Brook crafted, with a few twists on steampunk, and I'm looking forward to reading more in the series, especially if she delves into Scarsdale's character more (new literary crush).

Also, I want to play a video game RPG with Yasmeen as the main character. She's so cool!

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