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Aug 19, 2012 04:46PM

62938 I'm in Northeast Ohio! :) Canton/Akron area. Would love to meet others. :)
Mar 04, 2012 07:35PM

62938 Alyssa wrote: "I think that was my biggest complaint. these seem to be rather short easy reads. In some ways it's not the worst thing, the length is about right for the romance side of things. but at the same tim..."

These are all pretty typical length for vaginal fantasy reads. That just comes with the territory. The length tends to come with long series rather than long individual reads. These are books to devour. :)
Mar 04, 2012 05:21PM

62938 I've read it at least five times and every time I'm done in under three days. Nalini Singh's books really draw you in. :)
Mar 04, 2012 05:19PM

62938 Felicia wrote: "Teresa wrote: "Dan - I just finished the second book in the series and it addresses some of the same questions/thoughts you have about the violent nature of the changelings, and the Psy not being a..."

I can third this reassurance as well. Things become more balanced in a lot of the ways you mentioned it seeming imbalanced in this first book. The Psy are explored from many perspectives and with many different abilities and the Changelings become even more interesting.

This is my FAVORITE vaginal fantasy series by a landslide, and the pairings are always interesting. Nalini Singh is a sexy writer AND she's built an interesting world in which to put her sexy characters. :)
Mar 04, 2012 05:15PM

62938 Caitlin wrote: "DJ Enigma wrote: "On those designated months, try to get a couple-few authors at the same time to discuss the genre, their experiences with it, thoughts, etc."

I LOVE this idea!"

I third this idea. I really like this concept. Keep the author interaction separate from the book reviewing. I really prefer what you're already doing to anything additional, honestly. I think you're already doing a great job and it's so much fun to watch! I think adding the authors into the existing mix could make it awkward unless it's done separately in some way.
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Feb 28, 2012 05:47PM

62938 Kelley wrote: "Jack Travis - Sexy Texas Entrepreneur - Smooth Talking Stranger"

Ohhhh, I loved Hardy Cates from Blue-Eyed Devil! That's a good series. :)
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Feb 28, 2012 05:45PM

62938 The five I can think of right now:

Barrons - Fever series
Riley - Psy/Changeling (Nalini Singh)
Peter Bishop - Fringe
Jamie Fraser - Outlander
Jane - Mentalist (I get hot just watching the opening credits even though the show isn't the greatest)
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Feb 28, 2012 05:40PM

62938 Nita wrote: "I ended up picking -
Barrons - Fever"

Oh gawd... I just got hot from reading "Barrons." Hands DOWN one of the hottest ever. Oh my.
Feb 03, 2012 05:56PM

62938 Outlander series
Nalini Singh (EVERYTHING she writes, but mostly the Psy-Changeling series)
Rachel Caine
Richelle Mead (Dark Swan series)
Karen Marie Moning (The Fever series... the end of the whole thing is amazing!)

All great stuff! <3 :)

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